Friday, January 15, 2010

“Treasured Memories™" Victorian Greeting Cards

“Treasured Memories™ ...are visions of yesterday tucked away
in the attics of our minds.” ~Darlene C. Peterman-Johnson

Copyright Darlene C. Peterman

From the high desert of Southern California comes inspirational greeting cards and bookmarks with Victorian designs, angels, and messages from the artistic and creative mind of my friend, Darlene.

Darlene C. Peterman-Johnson started her greeting card business in 1993. Treasured Memories is a beautiful and unique collection of assorted Victorian and angel designed greeting cards and bookmarks. Her beautiful every-day assortment of greeting cards with coordinated envelopes, include cards for all occasions, and each with a beautiful message written by Darlene. She has cards for birthday, anniversary, friendship, wedding, get well, thank you, missing you, inspiration, sympathy, miscellaneous, etc. Her bookmarks are also for a variety of occasions.

Her popular Victorian designed cards have been sold in gift shops, angel shops, car washes, flower shops, restaurants, and other places all over the United States. They can also be ordered online through Darlene’s website. Often someone has received one of her cards from a friend or loved one, and has enjoyed it so much that they have contacted Darlene directly to order assortments for their own use. It is still so very nice to get an actual greeting card through the mail or handed to you by a loved one or friend.

Darlene is very creative and is often adding new designs to her ever-growing line of cards and bookmarks. The cards are reasonably priced at wholesale and are on quality paper.

She wrote this for her website about how she came to start her Treasured Memories Collection and how she has enjoyed her business over these years.

“My dream of starting Treasured Memories Collection began in 1993, resulting from years in the retail and antique business. My father, an accomplished artist, has given me the inspiration I need to write and design the line of greeting cards and bookmarks. I travel this beautiful country of ours promoting my company, which is currently throughout the United States. Thanks to you, my customers, for supporting these unique cards. I hope they are as special to you, as they are to me.”

Please visit her website and see what a nice variety she has. And those of you with a retail outlet may want to carry her cards in your store and others may want to have a collection of cards at your fingertips to use for all the birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions when a nice card would be a welcome gift to share.



Natural Moments said...

Making unique and personalized cards is truly a gift and present in its self. Stacey and I usually make our own cards from the photos we take, and Stacey just started stamping and has created very cool and fun designs representing the feelings she has for the person she is sending the cards to. Its nice to see that people are still finding unique ways to express their inner feelings.

Linda Pendleton said...

It is wonderful to be creative. You and Stacey have such an abundance of beautiful photographs to chose from and to share with others.

Your Pacific Trail photos and adventures are fantastic! Although I've been to some of the places you were at, never in quite the same way as hiking,and seeing and experiencing it all.

Gemel said...

Giving someone something you have made yourself is an ac of love, the time and care taken to personally create a gift or card with your own hands is special beyound words. I have begun to write to my friends via the postal system again, using pretty paper and a fountain pen, they all feel blessed to recieve a proper letter. We have a lot to remember about the simple pleasures of the past......

joey said...

my name is joey and I have just joined as a follower. What a lovely place to visit. Thank you.
Big hugs and many blessings, joey Ledlie