Thursday, January 21, 2021

Grief, a Personal Journey, Yet a Universal One.


I wrote my grief book for reasons different than many writers.  Within two weeks of my husband Don Pendleton's death, I knew I had to write the journey through grief, believing it was my personal journey but a universal one that most people experience in their lives. Personally knowing Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross and Dr. David Viscott and their books and philosophy, along with mediumship and spirit guides, it became apparent to me that there is a void within grief literature. The majority of grief books deal with the religious or psychological aspects and avoid the spiritual (or paranormal) aspects that are often a common occurrence following a loved one's death.  I wanted to write a book that met the needs of a spiritual journey and share my own experiences in that first year and into the second by writing my own "paranormal" experiences and many of others that I knew from prior research for our books. My book turned out to be very helpful for many as preparation for grief or the death of loved ones. Several psychotherapists loved the book, even sharing it with their patients. That is very rewarding and heart-warming for me as a writer. The most important thing is that the book lends credibility to the understanding that consciousness survives death of the physical body. It is also a beautiful love story--the story of the deep love bond shared by Don and me and how that bond of love has not been broken by the dimensional changes that have occurred with death. I stepped across the bridge that separates the physical and spiritual realms and discovered healing, joy, and purpose. A few years later, when my nephew, my mother, and sister, died, what I knew about grief and life after death, made those losses much easier.


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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Purpose of Our Soul's Journey--Dr. Brian Weiss


Dr. Brian Weiss: "Just a reminder that death is not what it seems. Consciousness is expanded upon leaving the physical body. Colors and sounds are more vivid. The purpose of our soul's journey becomes more clear. We immediately recognize our timeless links to other souls, our eternal relationships. Our spiritual nature is manifest; and in those moments we understand we are immortal beings of wisdom, infinite love, and compassion." 


Photo of Owens River, CA, Copyright by Linda Pendleton

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Great Grandma, How Did Grandpa Get to Heaven?


This excerpt is from our book, To Dance With Angels, and is a conversation my three-year-old grandson had with my mother, years ago. “Linda’s three-year-old grandson, Brian, gave us quite a lesson in humility the other day. He was looking at a photo of his great-grandfather, who died some years ago, and he asked Linda’s mother, Rose, some direct and penetrating questions, as the young do best. “Where is your grandfather?” Brian asked Rose.

She smiled, understanding his confusion over relationships, and explained to him: “He was my husband, your great-grandfather. He is not with us now.”

“Where is he?” Brian persisted.

“He died,” Rose replied quietly. “He is with God now, in heaven.”

“How did he get there?” continued the prosecuting attorney, boring in for the whole truth. “Did he drive his car?”

Rose laughed, searching for the answer on a blank wall of her mind, then she bent her arms and flapped like a bird, gazed skyward, said nothing.

Brian lost interest immediately. “Oh,” he said, in closing, “my dad does that all the time.”

Mundane stuff, Brian; you bet. No big deal about flying from here to there, not anymore. Routine event. So is dying. So routine that it does not command the interest or even find a model in the three-year-old mind. Heaven could be no different than Cleveland or Disneyland to our Brians. And death has no meaning to them. They may cry if Dad flies off to Cleveland or Disneyland or heaven without them, but the tears are tears of separation, not of tragedy, and the mental model of Disneyland for Brian is of roughly the same quality as the mental model of heaven for Rose.

Rose does not know with any sense of certainty where her John has gone. She cannot see him, touch him, hear his laughter, feel his hand upon her cheek—she has but a vague and shadowed trust or hope that he does still exist somewhere in some form and that she will join him there one day. But she is in precisely the same boat as little Brian when his daddy flies off to St. Louis or Kansas City or other esoteric and unimaginable places.”



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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Dr. James Martin Peebles. The Man, The Mystic, The Seeker of Truth by Linda Pendleton

New Book by Linda Pendleton

James Martin Peebles, The Man, The Mystic, The Seeker of Truth. Historical Biography 1822-1922

“If I know my own heart, it beats in accord with the divine effort to better humanity, and throbs in tenderest love toward all races and the people of all lands.”~James Martin Peebles, Immortality, 1880

A compelling historical biography of an extraordinary man, James Martin Peebles, an intellectual, reformer, physician, author, who, with his remarkable achievements and his fascinating life story is a testament to the connection between creativity, freedom of thought, and humanity, all embraced and overshadowed by the world of spirit. 


Friday, September 27, 2019

A Special Lenni Lenape Delware Chief and his Tribe, 376 Years Ago

Special Gratitude I owe to a Lenni Lenape Chief and his tribe, because if not for his actions 376 years ago, I would not be here.

I discovered through my family genealogical research that my ninth great-grandmother, Penelope (Thomson) van Princes’ life was saved by an American Indian by the name of Tisquantum, Chief of a Lenni Lenape tribe, members of the Algonquian language family and now known as the Delaware.  The year was 1643.  Penelope and her first husband, Kent van Princes, had sailed from their home in Amsterdam, Holland, across the Atlantic to the new world, planning to settle in the New Amsterdam area.  The ship encountered a storm along our Eastern seaboard and made a landing on the rocky shoals near Sandy Hook, New Jersey.  The recorded story is that Penelope’s husband was deathly ill, and after the passengers made it to shore, the van Princes couple were left behind while the other passengers departed for the New Amsterdam Dutch settlement of what is now New York City.  The following morning, three Indians, described with feathers sticking up from coppery, shaved heads, attacked the couple.  The husband, in a semiconscious state, was unable to defend in any way and was killed with one blow of a tomahawk.  Penelope was brutally attacked, partially scalped, a knife wound to her arm, and a deep slash across her abdomen which exposed her bowels.  The Indians left her to die there in the dense woods not far from the beach.
A strong and determined young woman, she somehow managed to hold her bowels in her abdomen and in grief and pain, lay there in a hollowed-out tree for seven days, surviving on tree sap and fungi.  On the eighth day she was discovered by Tisquantum and a younger Lenape.  Tisquantum carried her back to their village, and there she was nursed back to health using what I would consider to be Shamanistic Native American medicine.  Chief Tisquantum, said to have been named for a noble ancestor, knew a little English, and asked Penelope to teach him more English during her recuperation.
In 1644, Penelope married Richard Stout and they had ten children.  Penelope lived to be 110 years of age.  She and Tisquantum remained friends until his death.  A monument and commemorative coin have honored her in Monmouth, New Jersey.  The coin depicts Penelope and Tisquantum.  


Sunday, September 22, 2019

UFO event, Ariel School, Zimbabwe


In 1995, Dr. John E. Mack, gave a lecture in Sedona, Arizona, which my husband Don and I attended.  We had the opportunity to speak briefly with Dr. Mack following his two-hour-plus talk, and he kindly autographed our hardcover first-edition copy of his Abduction book.  Dr. Mack had recently returned from Ruwa, Zimbabwe with his research associate Dominique Callimanopulos, where in November 1994, they interviewed a number of children, sixty, who, while on recess outside their classrooms, had witnessed a landed spacecraft and alien beings.  

Dr. Mack was a leading authority on extraterrestrial encounter experiences.  In 1993 Dr. Mack founded the Program for Extraordinary Experience Research (PEER), and the research program was funded early on by philanthropist, Laurance Rockefeller. 

The late Mr. Rockefeller, the grandson of John D. Rockefeller, was responsible for the UFO Disclosure Initiative during the Clinton White House whose main request was that all UFO information held by the government, including from the CIA and US Air Force, be declassified and released to the public.

The PEER research foundation has been replaced by the John E. Mack Institute whose mission is to explore the frontiers of human experience, to serve the transformation of individual consciousness, and to further the evolution of the paradigms by which we understand human identity.

Sadly, Dr. Mack’s credible and passionate research into the UFO abduction  phenomena and other explorations of human experiences were cut short when he was hit by a drunk driver while crossing the streets of London in 2004, there to attend a T. E. Lawrence Society Symposium. 

But Dr. Mack’s work is not over.  Filmmaker Randall Nickerson and team are working on a documentary on the Ruwa school event.  The documentary, "Ariel Phenomenon," is awaiting distribution funding.   

This video by Randall Nickerson is fascinating.  Two of the children, now adults, answer numerous questions.  It is a long video, but worth listening to.


Thursday, August 1, 2019

Dr. Glenn Doman, Intellectual Potential

The late Glenn Doman, founder of the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia who, for more than half a century, had studied the development of human intelligence in thousands of children worldwide, stated, “We are persuaded that every child born, at the instant of birth, has a greater potential intelligence than Leonardo da Vinci ever used.”

Doman's initial work in physical therapy with brain injuries led him inevitably into the problems of brain-injured children.   This life-long study of brain injuries became the primary focus of the Institutes when it was established in 1955.  This work revolutionized the treatment of brain-injured children, resulting in world-wide interest in the Institutes' methods.  His insights into child-brain development, whether involving an injured or a well brain, led him to the conclusion that traditional educational methods were actually hampering rather than enhancing a child's natural ability and desire to learn, severely limiting the innate intellectual potential of our species.

His primary focus was on developing the intellectual potential in young children, including fully rounded creative expression.  This spectacularly successful method teaches babies to read virtually from birth.  As his program expanded, he also began teaching young children math skills, encyclopedic knowledge, foreign languages, gymnastics and music.

He found that virtually all human learning occurs from birth to the age of six and, from that point, the ability to learn steadily declines and the major strides in our growth is thereafter more a matter of wisdom than learning.  Doman felt that learning, or the desire to learn, is most intense during the first six years of life.  The most interesting aspect is that Doman's methods are producing individuals with extremely high intelligence.

I used his techniques of How to Teach Your Baby to Read with my own children who were a bit older at the time, and I also used his techniques with my husband, Don Pendleton, following his brain hemorrhage.  And after writing to Glenn Doman about that, he called to tell us both how good that was for healing.  Thank you, Glenn Doman.   

Don and I also wrote about this in our book, Whispers From the Soul, The Divine Dance of Consciousness.  


Sunday, April 28, 2019


“Inspiration is universal. It over-swept with grandeur all the past ages, and is just as fresh now as in time’s earliest morning. Poets, as much as prophets, are illuminated with a divine radiance. They think, they write and sing from the very depths of their being.”
~ James Martin Peebles (1822-1922), author, spiritualist, physician, healer


Saturday, December 15, 2018

Spirit Contact

I believe many spiritual experiences can be labeled peak or mystical. And that includes contact with spirit, whether spontaneous or by choice. Any contact or communication can be awe-inspiring, confirming, healing, unifying. Realizing that one is not alone and that there is a connection to the Divine is empowering.  Accepting that we are all spiritual beings, whether in the physical body as a spiritual being, or on the other side as a spiritual being – we are all one and the same.

When we begin to acknowledge that we are connected to one another, to the Divine, we have laid the groundwork to sharpen our higher spiritual sense. We are powerful transmitters and receivers. If we learn to think of spirit communication as an exchange of energy, a radio signal, or an open telephone line, it becomes a normal event, and there is nothing paranormal about it. I personally like Joseph Campbell’s explanation of a peak experience as the moments in our lives when we experience our “relationship to the harmony of being.”


Thursday, July 19, 2018

To Dance With Angels

Don and Linda Pendleton's contact with Dr. Peebles through the mediumship of Thomas Jacobson was life-changing for the authors.  As writers and researchers of many areas of the paranormal, their studies into near-death experiences (Don had two of his own), past life regression, spirit communication, miracles, angel encounters, were invaluable.  As a result of writing To Dance With Angels, both Don and Linda looked at life in a somewhat different way. The magic and beauty that they both believed life held, was intensified by their new discoveries as they communicated with Dr. Peebles through Thomas Jacobson. 

When the book was published nearly three decades ago, the authors wrote: "This was a book that had to be written as we could not keep this information to ourselves."

Linda Pendleton states that over the years, readers have said that the spiritual psychology of Dr. Peebles has been not only inspirational, life-changing, and healing, but has given new understandings of life and death.  She is pleased to be able to continue to share To Dance With Angels and the work of Thomas Jacobson and Dr. Peebles, as an e-book edition, as well as print.  It is the hope that To Dance With Angels will be considered a classic in spiritual literature for generations to come.

Linda Pendleton's fascination with the terrestrial life of Dr, James Martin Peebles led her to publish a follow-up book, Three Principles of Angelic Whispers.

~Linda Pendleton,


Saturday, July 14, 2018

Guidance From Spirit

"We, in the spirit world, rejoice when we are able to give guidance.  We are always available to assist you on your journey, to present a point of view which may enable you to see more clearly, to reassure you that you are not alone, especially at your darkest moments." ~Dr. Peebles, Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom by Linda Pendleton  

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Monday, November 6, 2017

The old soul takes the road again.

I hold that when a person dies

His soul returns again to earth;

Arrayed in some new flesh-disguise,

Another mother gives him birth.

With sturdier limbs and brighter brain

The old soul takes the road again.

Such is my own belief and trust;

This hand, this hand that holds the pen

Has many a hundred times been dust

And turned, as dust to dust again;

These eyes of mine have blinked and shone

In Thebes, in Troy, in Babylon....

—John Masefield (from A Creed)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

RIP: Louise L. Hay

Author, publisher, healer, metaphysical counselor, Louise L. Hay, passed away this morning at the age of 90.  I've had this 1984 book of Louise Hay's since 1987, at that time 19th printing with over 400,000 copies sold.  It's a classic best-seller and now 50 million copies have been sold.  In 1985, she began her support group for AIDs patients.  In 1987, she founded her publishing company, Hay House, which has grown into a very successful publishing company which has sold millions of books and products, featuring many well-known authors of works on healing, self-help, and inspiration.  Hay House has offices in California, New York, London, Sydney, Johannesburg, and New Delhi.

Don and I meet her once, and twice heard her speak.  She was inspirational and her affirmations have been helpful to many in grief, illness, and life's ups and downs.  She leaves with us quite a legacy.  



Friday, July 14, 2017

Journey to the Heart: Exploring the World of Spirit

Published today in Amazon Print and Kindle 

  Journey to the Heart

Welcome to the wonderful world of spirit.  Woven throughout this book is a broad spectrum of spiritual concepts, including three powerful spiritual principles given to us by a marvelous, witty, and loving spirit guide, Dr. James Martin Peebles. 

His three spiritual principles are valuable spiritual ideas easily incorporated into daily life. These principles allow one to attain love, healing, peace, and joy, along with meaningful and satisfying relationships. 

Contemporary thoughts about life and death, and the survival of love and consciousness following the release of the physical body, may make grieving and healing easier for many.

Linda Pendleton is the author of numerous books, including A Walk Through Grief: Crossing the Bridge Between Worlds; Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom; To Dance With Angels, and Whispers From the Soul: The Divine Dance of Consciousness, written with her husband, Don Pendleton. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Softly With Love: Communicating With Your Spirit Guides and Angels, new book

Softly With Love
Communicating With Your Spirit Guides and Angels

We are never alone. We are surrounded by the love and guidance of the Divine Source and spirit guides and angels. You may discover how easily one can cross the spiritual bridge between worlds and enrich life with love, guidance, healing, and wisdom. 

Intuition is a Divine gift, and may be enhanced by fine-tuning our innate psychic ability. It can serve as a guiding force in our daily life. Learning to acknowledge and trust the whispers that come to us from the spirit world, can be invigorating to our sense of self as a spiritual being.

The veil between worlds continues to become more transparent. Softly With Love explores what is considered by some to be paranormal, while others consider the experiences to be extraordinary and awe-inspiring, but within the norm of the human experience. Dialogue with loved ones through the veil – be that your guide, angel, or a deceased loved one, can be comforting. For many, the insight that love survives the shedding of the physical body brings peace. 

Linda Pendleton is the author of numerous books, including A Walk Through Grief: Crossing the Bridge Between Worlds; Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom; To Dance With Angels, and Whispers From the Soul: The Divine Dance of Consciousness, written with her husband, Don Pendleton. 

Saturday, July 8, 2017

What Then?

“What if you slept, and what if in your sleep you dreamed, and what if in your dream you went to heaven and there plucked a strange and beautiful flower, and what if when you awoke you had the flower in your hand? Ah, what then?”

~Samuel Taylor Coleridge, (1772-1834)


Sunday, June 18, 2017


“I have been here before, but when or how I cannot tell:
I know the grass beyond the door,
The sweet keen smell, the sighing sound,
The lights around the shore.”
~Dante Gabriel Rossetti, (1828-1882),
English Painter, Poet

Monday, June 12, 2017



“Love begins in your heart–and love returns to your heart. Allow it to flow unrestricted and unencumbered. That is when you will feel the joy of living.” ~Angelic Guide, Elizabeth, channeled by Linda Pendleton

Thursday, May 11, 2017

How Thin the Veil! 150 Years of Spiritualism

Just published Now in Print.  Also in Kindle and Audiobook
Many of us are still searching for answers about life: Who are we? Why are we here? What happens when we leave here? Will we see our loved ones again? And for some, the questions may be broader such as: Have I been here before? Will I return at some future point? Why did I come back?

In about 1850, Spiritualism reached a high interest and continued for a number of years, not only in America, but world-wide. The poets, philosophers, artists, politicians of the time, along with the ordinary man and woman, in surprising numbers came to accept spirit communication as a comforting and fulfilling life experience.

Within my new print book, How Thin The Veil! 150 Years of Spiritualism, you will read about the early days of Spiritualism and how it became a new era that brought with it a profound understanding of human destiny after death, and of the relationship between heaven and earth.

Many historical figures considered themselves Spiritualist, some more openly than others. One of our greatest Presidents, Abraham Lincoln communicated with spirit on the Other Side through mediums and referred to spirit as “our friends from the upper country.” It has often been said his writings and speeches were inspired by spirit, especially his Emancipation Proclamation.

The veil between worlds continues to grow thinner, communication is increasing, and part of the increase in communication may be a result of fear being released, and openness prevailing. Curiosity, yes, but probably more than that when intuition is allowed to have a role in everyday life. 


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Harriet Beecher Stowe and her Vision

 Harriet Beecher Stowe, (1811-1896), American Author, Abolitionist 

Supernormal powers do not always connote formal mediumship or spectacular displays.  Harriet Beecher Stowe once remarked that Uncle Tom's Cabin was "given to her–it passed in vision before her.  She had to tell it as it came, and suffered in so doing."  She had also attested to her belief in spiritual forces.  She wrote, "One of the deepest and most imperative cravings of the human heart, as it follows its beloved ones beyond the veil, is for some assurance that they still love and care for us. They have overcome, have risen, are crowned, glorified; but still they remain to us, our assistants, our comforters, and in every hour of darkness their voice speaks to us."

~Excerpt from my book, "How Thin the Veil!  150 Years of Spiritualism."
Kindle and Audio.  Soon coming to print.