Friday, April 17, 2009

What Angels Do.

“An angel of God will never give you a message of fear. It’s often one of liberation, escape, fulfillment, action instructions, or just plain joy!”
Kryon, Book Ten, by Lee Carroll



Anonymous said...

I just finished reading a Kryon book a couple of months ago. I enjoyed this spirits' messages. If I remember this properly, he is the collective spirit of humanity, or the souls that participate in humanity, and he is located in the causal realm.

Channeled books are some of my favourites these days. They are filled with great wisdom that we all can learn from.

Liara Covert said...

This is an inspiring reflection. HUman beings are reminded any thoughts and feelings that do not evoke love are not from the Source. Nonetheless, any other thoughts and feelings offer additional reminders of what you are not thinking or doing. Love is always the answer.

Linda Pendleton said...

I've read some of Kryon and have respect for his information. Actually truth is truth and we hear it in many forms. I believe we know when it resonates with us. Thanks for your comments, Bernie.

And Liara, thank you for your thoughts. And yes, it is all about love.

Gemel said...

Kyron radiates love to all who read the glorious messages that are given to awaken a sleepy humanity. Love the rose, it soothes the eyes and touches the heart.