Friday, September 4, 2009

Authentic Power, Authentic Self

What is Authentic Power?

According to Gary Zukav, author ot the best-selling book Seat of Soul, it is alignment of the personality with the soul, and that can be achieved by looking inside yourself to create Authentic Power.

A few days ago, Mark at the Naked Soul Blog wrote an excellent blog (all his blogs are excellent and inspirational) about being your authentic self. He said, "Being our authentic self, being in alignment with who we truly are is attractive! When we are in alignment, we FEEL good about our self. When we feel good about our self we become confident, we raise our vibrations and in doing so we become attractive to other people, that is we become attractive to people who feel our vibrations and our aligned with our vibrations."

"Conversely when we are out of alignment with our authentic self, our energy is low or the energy that we emit is a 'bad vibe' and we repel people whom we would want to attract and we tend to attract people who are equally out of alignment with their true selves and therefore we perpetuate and grow the feeling of being out of alignment and unconsciously create a circle where as we are not attracting the people into our life that we desire to attract."

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Mark said...

Thank-you so very much for the link and mention. I appreciate that you found enough value in what I wrote that you placed an excerpt on your site. I believe that understanding the points in this article are very important in our day to day life. I am honored by your words and actions.

Nancy said...

Thanks for this post. Gary Zukov's book The Seat of the Soul changed my thinking and my live way back in the 1990's. He has a wonderful way of explaining what is happening in our world today.