Friday, January 8, 2010

Life After Life, and NDEs

Last night, best-selling author, lecturer, and researcher, Dr. Raymond Moody was a guest on George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM Radio Show. Dr. Moody is a medical doctor and has a Ph.D. in philosophy and is most noted for his expertise and research into “near-death experiences,” a term he coined in the seventies with his classic book, Life After Life. In 1975, Dr. Elisabeth Kubler Ross wrote the Foreword to his book with these words: "It is research like Dr. Moody presents in his book that will enlighten many and will confirm what we have been taught for two thousand years -- that there is life after death." At the time Dr. Kubler-Ross was also doing her own work in the area of life and death.

The discussion with George Noory was, of course, about near-death experiences. But he was also there to talk about his upcoming book later this year, co-written with Paul Perry. Moody’s book Reunions: Visionary Encounters with Departed Loved Ones, was co-written with Paul Perry. Perry has also co-written a number of books including several written with Dr. Melvin Morse on NDEs, and with Dannion Brinkley. I’ve always enjoyed the writing of Paul Perry that seems to come through in those mentioned books.

Dr. Moody has for years researched Near Death Experiences but he said he has recently become more confident about the reality of life-after-death because of what he calls, “shared death experiences.” In other words, bystanders who are at the death bed of a loved one have reported seeing a light, the appearance of a tunnel, deceased loved ones, spiritual beings, and even co-participating in the panoramic life-review of the person who was passing away.

He stated they are in effect, “empathically co-living the dying experience of those that are close to them.”

Doesn’t that sound absolutely extraordinary and fascinating? Not only will it be interesting reading the book by Moody and Perry, but then hearing others who will come forward with their own experiences that occurred at the time of death of a loved one.

And people will come forward as they did and have done about their own NDEs or other spiritual experiences when they realize it is safe to do so, and not be thought “crazy.” We’ve all seen that happen in recent years with the acceptance of spiritual experiences, including angels, spirit guides, mediumship, communication with the Other Side, and past lives. And I must say, the media has helped with that as has professionals, such as Doctors Moody, Kubler-Ross, Weiss, Morse, Dossey, Chopra, among others.

The new book, Between Two Worlds: Glimpses of Eternity Through Shared Death Experiences will be published in the Fall of 2010.

From the Paul Perry Website:

“In this truly groundbreaking book, New York Times bestselling authors Raymond Moody, MD, and Paul Perry search for the answer to mankind's oldest question, What happens when we die?

“They have searched for the answer before by examining the compelling stories of those who have had near-death experiences. This time they examine the stories of those who share the death experience with a loved one. In this book you will read jaw-dropping stories of people who unexpectedly find themselves leaving this earth as loved ones die and following them "into the light" where they see dead relatives and beings of Light before returning to their place on earth, convinced of a life after life.

“This book provides convincing evidence that we survive bodily death, and takes a giant step forward in afterlife exploration.”

After watching the interview of Dr. Raymond Moody by Paul Perry, you can download a PDF of the first chapter of
their new book here.

Not only do I enjoy reading about life after death and the other spiritual phenomena, I also enjoy researching and writing about these kinds of spiritual experiences in my e-courses, e-books and my print books. The latest of those would be my e-book,
How Thin the Veil: 150 Years of Spiritualism, if your interested in reading more.

150 Years here in America, so, what’s new? We just need facts, ma’am. Then we’ll believe it.



Nancy said...

Thank you, Linda, for this post and the video. I read Dr. Moody's book many years ago. I started studying this phenomenon with Elizabeth Kubler-Ross's book in the 1970's. This is new material and very exciting. I look forward to this book going to print.

Ricky Kendall said...

I think anyone who has taken care of a loved one who died of a terminal illness has a story. After caring for my mother, who died of cancer, and my domestic partner, who died of AIDS, it became apparent to me that there is definitely a path taken to get to the other side. The involvement on the other side appears to be as important and busy as in this mortal realm. The process was very sad and painful on this side but it convinced me there is indeed life after death.

Linda Pendleton said...

Nancy, I think the book will be fascinating.

Ricky, thank you for sharing your comments. Millions and millions of us know that life continues after death. And it is always nice to read or hear credible evidence of the fact.