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Phoenix Lights, Triangular UFO, March 13, 1997

March 13, 1997.

I was living in Northern Arizona, in Sedona, when the TV news reports came out on the “Phoenix Lights” over Phoenix, Arizona that evening about 10:00 P.M. Thousands of people reported witnessing a mile long V-shaped, or triangular, craft with circular orange lights gliding/floating silently over Phoenix. Reports were that this craft was spotted in the Las Vegas area about 7:30 and then sighted over the Kingman and Prescott, Arizona areas prior to the arrival in Phoenix. A bit later it was seen in the Casa Grande and Tucson area south of Phoenix. Hundreds took photographs and videos of the strange craft, moving at a slow glide and low altitude.

It has been reported that within minutes large numbers of telephone reports began pouring into law enforcement agencies, to news media offices, to Luke Air Force Base (located west of Phoenix), to the National UFO Reporting Center, MUFON groups, and the calls came from a wide range from Northern Arizona south to Phoenix. It has been said that the craft was witnessed by at least two air traffic controllers in the airport tower at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, and by several pilots on final approach to Sky Harbor.

Many people wanted answers and answers were not forthcoming. Over the next few weeks, City Councilwoman Francis Barwood demanded an investigation but she apparently was repeatedly rebuked in her attempts to open an investigation. She also contacted Arizona Senator John McCain who apparently wrote two letters to the Air Force, which apparently were “filed” away. The then Arizona Governor, Fyfe Symington called a press conference which I saw on television stating he would look into it. A few hours later, he held another televised press conference to state that he looked into it and knew who did it. Out onto the stage walked one of his aids dressed in an alien suit. His stunt did not go over well with most Arizona citizens and many resented the fact that he mocked anyone asking for an investigation into the event.

In May 1997, the Public Affairs Office at Luke Air Force Base announced that the lights were flares launched from the Barry Goldwater Firing Range at approximately 10:00 P.M. Such typical “good thinking” on their part–but what accounts for the sightings all over Northern Arizona, Nevada, some one to two hours earlier? Anyone who saw the object moving is not accepting of the flare explanation. I’m surprised they didn’t say it was an experimental boomerang that they threw into the air from Nevada to see if it could make the three hundred mile trip to Phoenix, and probably with crash dummies attached holding flashlights!

In March 2007, ten years later, former Governor Symington admitted he had seen the UFO that night.

I’m sorry that I was not outside that evening where I was living in Northern Arizona as I might have had the opportunity to see the UFO cruise over. The UFO that Don and I experienced in West Covina, California was not as large as the “Phoenix Lights” mile-long craft. (Read my original article on our sighting). From eye witness reports and photos and video tapes I have seen of the “Phoenix Lights,” what Don and I saw was smaller and much more of a triangular shape than a V-shaped object. What I do know is that it was similar, obviously moved about the same from the accounts I’ve read, and in no way was either object a Stealth aircraft, nor any other known aircraft.

In March 2004, a well-respected Phoenix physician, Lynne D. Kitei, M.D. published “The Phoenix Lights,” her eye witness account and her own photographs of the March 13, 1997 event along with her earlier experiences of similar sightings over Phoenix. I recently listened to her fascinating account on the Coast to Coast AM Radio Show a few days ago, March 2010.

Apparently sightings of flying triangles have increased in more recent years worldwide. Belguim had a “flap” of large and silent triangular UFOs from 1989 to 1990 and in more recent years have had a new “flap” of sightings. Sightings have been reported in England, France, Germany and other countries. Reported sizes range from thirty feet to a mile in size. Most often they are flying at low altitudes and at extremely slow speed, but have been known to suddenly accelerate to high speed and disappear in a flash. According to reports by the National Institute for Discovery Science, it appears that here in the United States many sightings have been around military basis and corridors between military bases. One might say that happened with the “Phoenix Lights”–from Nellis Air Force Base adjacent to Las Vegas, to Luke Air Force Base adjacent to Phoenix.

For those that seem to believe that these craft are our own government’s experimental crafts, should one not question the fact that many of these sightings are at low altitude over heavily populated areas? Does it make since that the government would risk lives with their experiments when they have lots of unpopulated government land to fly over? And also our commercial and noncommercial air flights are heavily concentrated in metropolitan areas such as Phoenix and an experimental slow and low flying craft poses extreme danger.

As I wrote more than four years ago, hopefully the day is getting closer when our government will reveal to its citizens the answers we have been waiting to have revealed for decades. We are not alone and most people believe that, so why the continuing charade and ridicule? Isn’t it time for acknowledgment?



Natalie said...

Freaky : seeing them, and also, no-one doing anything about it.

I understand with my logical brain that there are others out there, but the child in me FREAKS out!
Still and all, feel the fear and do it, anyway. The Governments should get real.

Nancy said...

I don't think they know what to do about it. In this instance, there is a helplessness, and the government doesn't want to admit it.

Anonymous said...

you have to be kidding me. go research barry m goldwater range. hello, this military facility drops flares that suspend in the air with chutes and run night ops. these operations are key to national defense and YOUR security. quit being so ignorant.

Linda Pendleton said...

Maybe some day the governments will realize that many people know we are not alone in the universe. The Brookings Report years ago decided that people could not stand to know the truth, that we would freak...

I think we already know the truth...

Linda Pendleton said...


They don't know so they hide it. I feel that if the "aliens" wanted to do harm to us it would have happened centuries ago. I think they are more interested in us here on earth doing harm to the universe.

Would they stop us if it came down earthlings ready to destroy our home planet? I don't know. Let's hope we don't have to ever find out.

Linda Pendleton said...

No, I am not kidding. I know where the Goldwater Range is...I used to live in AZ, and I also know about flares, and night maneuvers by the military.

I would suggest you do a little more research on the event itself and the resulting photos, reports, investigations of film, interviews, and all that took place following the appearance of the "craft" over the areas mentioned. And the sighting of triangular craft appearances around the world for many years.

Obviously you have not experienced an unidentified flying object that does not belong to our military or airial technology. Maybe some day you will. And if so, I would hope no one calls you "ignorant."