Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Divine Hologram?

In his sensitively insightful book, Earth In The Balance, Vice President Al Gore wrote, “It is my own belief that the image of God can be seen in every corner of creation, even in us, but only faintly. By gathering in the mind's eye all of creation, one can perceive the image of the Creator vividly. Indeed, my understanding of how God is manifest in the world can be best conveyed through the metaphor of the hologram.”

His book is essentially centered around environmental concerns but these issues are crucial to the entire human race. It is particularly striking that he used the hologram as a metaphor which best illustrates his own sense of connection to the eternal.

He went on to state, "If we are made in the image of God, perhaps it is the myriad slight strands from earth's web of life–woven so distinctly into our essence...that reflects the image of God, faintly. By experiencing nature in its fullest–our own and that of all creation–with our senses and with our spiritual imagination, we can glimpse, 'bright shining as the sun,' an infinite image of God."

Long before the advent of supercomputers and holograms, another splendid thinker arrived at similar but much more dramatic conclusions. Dr. Gustaf Strömberg's The Soul of The Universe, was published in 1940 and again in 1948 with additional appendices. His book was endorsed by none other than Einstein himself but it received less than glowing praise from the scientific community per se, perhaps because the book smacked uncomfortably of mysticism done up in scientific garb. Strömberg, an American of Swedish birth, was an astronomer and astrophysicist associated with the Carnegie Institution's Mount Wilson Observatory. His stunning thesis is a prime example of genius unacknowledged in the context of its time.

Perhaps it took an Albert Einstein to recognize it. Einstein's cover blurb for the jacket of the book reads, "Very few men could of their own knowledge present the material as clearly and concisely as he has succeeded in doing." In his native Sweden, Strömberg was highly respected and the flags throughout Sweden were flown at half-mast in observance of his death in 1962.

Here is a brief sample of Strömberg's vision: “Matter and life and consciousness have their "roots" in a world beyond space and time. They emerge into the physical world at certain well defined points or sources from which they expand in the form of guiding fields with space and time properties. Some of the sources can be identified with material particles, and others with the living elements responsible for organization and purposeful activity. Some of them exist in our brain as neurones, and some of them have a very intimate and special association with their ultimate origin. They are the roots of our consciousness and the sources of all our knowledge."

Earlier in his writings, Strömberg had observed: "All our mental characteristics and faculties have their origin in the non-physical world. There lies the origin of our sensations of light and colors, and of sound and music. There is the origin of our feelings and emotions, and of our will and our thoughts. There is the source of our feelings of satisfaction and bliss, and of guilt and remorse. Our nerve cells seem to be the links which connect our physical brain with the world in which our consciousness is rooted. At death our "brain field," which during our life determined the structure and functions of our brain and nervous system, is not destroyed. Like other living fields it contracts and disappears at death, apparently falling back to the level of its origin. All our memories are indelibly "engraved" in this field, and after our death, when our mind is no longer blocked by inert matter, we can probably recall them all, even those of which we were never consciously aware during our organic life."

It is interesting to see how both the scientific and philosophical points of view today seem to be moving toward complimentary conclusions about the universe and man's place in it with much more coherence than ever noted before. Many brilliant thinkers, poets, philosophers, medical doctors, physicists and scholars are all bringing forward a sharper focus on the nature of reality. Side by side with science, we have had this quieter explosion of spiritual investigation and discovery.

From Whispers From the Soul: the Divine Dance of Consciousness by Don and Linda Pendleton. Copyright © 2000, 2003 by Linda Pendleton, All Rights Reserved.


Gemel said...

It is time I feel that we all (hopefully) wake up and remember, we are, with out doubt, all an aspect of God, which means, we are All One....

Linda Pendleton said...

I agree, Gemel. Thanks for your comment... :-)

Ricky said...

Very interesting. I probably spend more time than most contemplating on exactly what or who the creator is. Sometimes I overwhelm myself and pull back just at that point where I might possibly be on to something. We just don't have the words or the understanding. This article just gave me one more thing to think about.

I believe time, which is not a factor in the infinite, may be what holds us back from understanding the creator or how we got here. I'm thinking, infinite time existed before I became aware of myself in this life and infinite time will exist when I leave. How many times during infinity could the same conditions exist that would once again bring me back, aware of myself in an existing condition. What would be the creators hand or energy in this event. Then I get dizzy, giggle at myself and wonder. Isn't the mystery wonderful?

Loved this article. Wonder, wonder, wonder.

Linda Pendleton said...

Good ideas, Ricky. And yes, it's full of wonder and mystery. Glad you enjoyed the article. :-)