Monday, September 26, 2011

The Fourth Awakening Series of New Age Mysticism

The Fourth Awakening, by Rod Pennington and Jeffery A. Martin, Ph.D., has been #1 for over 100 weeks in the Kindle category of “Best Sellers in New Age Mysticism.”

“While a work of fiction, The Fourth Awakening is grounded in cutting edge science and an emerging new spiritual reality. It offers readers a glimpse of their future.”

The second novel in The Fourth Awakening Series, The Gathering Darkness, has just been released on Kindle. Both books are only .99 cents.

Today I posted an interesting Interview with author Rod Pennington. Read the interview and also learn Fourth Awakening Series and Rod Pennington .



Gemel said...

What about in paper books?
Is it available in Australia?

I am soaking up this stuff at present....

Linda Pendleton said...

Hi Gemel,

The first book, The Fourth Awakening is in paper at Amazon. Check with Rod about Australia at his email

There is so much to soak up, isn't there?