Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wisdom from Emanuel Swedenborg

Do not believe me simply because I have seen Heaven and Hell,
have discoursed with angels...Believe me because I tell you what your
consciousness and intuitions will tell you if you just listen closely to their voice.
–Emanuel Swedenborg, 1688-1772


Anonymous said...

Does Swedenborg wright anything about the posibility of deceased loved ones (relitives) watching over there familys on earth.

Linda Pendleton said...

I've not read much of Swedenborg's writings, but others have said, and I personally believe, that our deceased love ones do watch over, even guide us.

Doug Webber said...

Swedenborg states that there are are two guardian angels assigned to you at birth, as well as two spirits from hell. Which ones you follow depends on what choices you make. All thoughts originate from heaven or hell, that is where our moral choice comes from.

Moreover, although living here in the body, your spirit is associated with a group of spirits most like you. In past life regression, you will have a tendency to access the memories of these spirits who are similar to you or influence you in some way. Swedenborg explains these past life memories, perhaps in a different way than Linda (not sure, just found this web site). The ones you are close to may not necessarily be your family, it depends the love that existed between the two people.

For those who have married, and lost their loved ones, there is a chance that you will be reunited with them after death. Swedenborg does speak of marriages in heaven.

Linda Pendleton said...

Thanks for your comments, Doug.