Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Meditation is the Opportune Time

In the most sublime sense, meditation is a dialogue with the body/mind wisdom and therein lies the most productive use of such time.

A simple technique for personal problems is to simply and firmly state the nature of the problem and request a solution while in a meditative state. We are all much wiser than many of us may think we are, and the body knows things that our minds often do not. To engage in an inner dialogue will often reveal the answers we seek.

We all have spirit guides who work closely with us. Meditation is the opportune time for you to communicate, through visual or auditory efforts. Within the slightly altered state of meditation, you hear messages with somewhat more clarity. Do you recall times when you were caught up in negativity and could have used some spiritual insight to move you more swiftly into the positive? Have you been given spiritual answers from time to time? Within the dream state, do you often feel you leave the body and have a communion, an opportunity for nurturing and uplifting of the soul?

Effective meditation can help us to become more balanced and centered in our full expression of life’s wondrous gifts, more resilient, more understanding and accepting of other points of view, more compassionate and sympathetic, more intuitive and creative, more responsive to the universal flow of life in which we are immersed. 

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