Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"Coming Out for Christmas," Crystal Bowersox's new song!

I love this new song by Crystal Bowersox.  I had forgotten how great and unique a voice she has after liking her a lot on the season of American Idol. 

Her song, co-written with Maia Sharp, has a great message.  This is what she had to say about the song:
“The holidays are here, and it pains me to think that anyone would be left alone or be forbidden to be with their family over something as silly as their sexual orientation. I hope it will serve as a holiday anthem for people who may finally have the courage to live their life as their true authentic self, proudly and unapologetically, and that their friends and family will love and accept them with loving open arms. May we all celebrate this holiday season together, celebrate equality, and give thanks for the true spirit of Christmas- with our one human family.”  From a post on

Some of the proceeds of the sale of the single will benefit The Trevor Project.  Crystal also tweeted last week that she was bi-sexual. 

I bought the song via Amazon and I have played it numerous times.  I love it!   I hope you like it, also.   I'd love to see it top the charts for Crystal.    


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