Saturday, June 21, 2014

Synchronicity and the Oneness of the Universe

An Excerpt From the nonfiction book, To Dance With Angels, written by Don and Linda Pendleton.
From Chapter Seven, “Life on Life.”  (A discussion, Don Pendleton with spirit guide, Dr. Peebles).

DON: has been suggested by some modern thinkers—especially people in the earth sciences—that the Earth and its biosphere is, in their view, like a single entity, sort of a living system in which each constituent of that system is intimately responsive and, uh, interactive with the whole. Sounds good to me. Could you comment on that and perhaps relate it to the entire universe as a larger entity of somewhat the same nature?

DR. PEEBLES: Yes; it is what we call synchronicity and the oneness of the universe. In the Earth or in the universe or in the microbe or in the nucleus there is movement, there is motion. In that motion there is only change. And within that change there is always the return to the source; there is always the recycling, similar, extremely close in precise measurements, extremely close to a perfect circle but not quite; and so thereby becoming a spiral—figuratively, symbolically, and literally by measurement.
This is not only a three-dimensional but four-dimensional phenomenon and even beyond that. The spiral is the source of the greater frequency changes, such as black holes, which goes into the discussion of other dimensions, another reality, another universe; also internal combustion...ah...instantaneous or spontaneous combustion of an emotional experience, or a physical experience...uh, interdimensional travel, in the form of the spiral.
To resist change is to ignite pain and separation; to surrender and move with, and eventually to pilot change is to become the center of the universe rather than the periphery; the creator rather than the victim.
The entire universe is a loving and living experience of divine thought. It is a fabric that is intermeshed with all things. All particles are a part of this—and the science of the next century [21st] will not be priding itself on its great diversity, its great specialization, but instead will pride itself on a unified understanding. All the differences that have been found, or so-called discovered in your current century will...their source will be found to be common, into oneness, or a unified field, in the century to come. 

So it is true that every movement in one part of the universe affects another part of that universe to some infinitesimal degree at least. And you are part of all life around you.

Copright 1990 by Don and Linda Pendleton, All Rights Reserved.

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