Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Letting Go of Victimhood

Excerpt from Linda Pendleton's Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom.

"If we awaken each new day with enthusiasm and joy instead of with an apprehension that the world will attack us today, will not our inner world be more peaceful and harmonious?  Do we fear our world and consider it to be filled with uncertainty or do we embrace it with excitement and consider it to be filled with delicious mysteries?  Do we feel that happiness is not ours, or do we acknowledge that happiness is a state of mind?  Our mind. 

"Are we prepared to disavow victimhood and acknowledge that we are empowered to create our world to our choosing?  Reality is our creation and when we are able to acknowledge and accept that to its fullest, not only do we become free, but it enables us to be the best we can be."


Copyright by Linda Pendleton


Doug Webber said...

Do you think "an apprehension that the world will attack us today" is common in American culture among women? There is a reason why people feel that, it is because of jealousy, and no love.

Linda Pendleton said...

No, I do not believe it has to do with gender at all. It has often to do with the "illusion of separation" and the human need and desire for intimacy (love and connection). It does one much better to have a "positive" outlook on daily life.