Friday, May 29, 2009

An Artist's Mission of Love

“As an artist you need inspiration. I draw all of my work from the inspiration that I receive. Where does the inspiration come from? It can come from a relationship where you loved someone, or it can come from someone who's passed away, it can come from a traumatic experience one had in life, or just the actual beauty of life.”
~Liam Herbert, Sculptor

Sedona, Arizona Sculptor Liam Herbert's slender, angular wood carvings and limited edition bronze sculptures flow with inspiration, diversity, and beautiful expressions of love. His art explores the human conditions, such as fear, anger, grief, hope, faith, and love. Liam's hands are led by his heart and soul, and he believes his mission as an artist is to share the insight and inspiration he receives, so others may grasp a greater meaning to their own purpose in life.

Liam has been sculpting for fifty years and his art includes bronze, wood, and mixed media sculptures, and his latest, a jewelry collection. He has put together a series of twenty short videos of his sculpting processes.

In 1995 we commissioned Liam to do an angel for our yard. Here are photos of “Soaring Angel.”

Here are his short videos. There are three you may want to watch, one on Inspiration, one on Wood Sculpture Process, and one on Sculpting With Clay, but you may love to watch all of them. I enjoyed them all.

View his gallery of sculptures.



Ronda Laveen said...

Those photos, clearly, are not from Cali. Arizona? The sculpture has beautiful lines. I only had time to watch the "inspirition" clip but enjoyed seeing Liam's process.

Linda Pendleton said...

Yes, photos were in Sedona, AZ. Liam is a very close friend.

Lover of Life said...

Wow - just amazing. I love wood sculptures and this one is just magnificent.

Mark said...

Thank for sharing this inspired art!