Saturday, May 9, 2009

Resistance Creates Stress

"Change is not stressful. Resistance to change creates stress." ~Gary Zukav, Author

My granddaughter working out when she was young. 

Friday morning I was at my physical therapy gym for my normal workout. I try to go three times a week for at least an hour or two. My more than fourteen months of three-hour sessions twice a week of physical therapy and gait training ended in February, and now I am on my own with an overview from my excellent therapist, John.

One of the other physical therapist was instructing her female patient of thirty years of age or less. I believe the woman was there for a shoulder problem from what I could tell. I could also tell from the energy this patient was putting out that she was not a very enthusiastic patient, nor a woman with a very optimistic view of life. In fact, I was on the mat table, and I was not too pleased when she sat down not far from my legs as I could feel her negativity. I have to laugh at that comment “my legs” as I am a below the knee amputee of my left leg, and wear a prosthetic, the reason for fourteen months of great physical therapy.

Anyway, the physical therapist was trying to cheer her patient by telling her about The Secret and the Law of Attraction. She told her it is not good to use the word can’t, or other negative terms of defeat. She told her it’s like driving down the street thinking every signal light will be red, and sure enough the universe hears that, and you will be stopping at all the lights along the way. She also told her if you decide your husband will be laid off from his job without any factual knowledge that it might occur, that again sets up a negative thought sent out to the universe.

I’m not sure the therapist’s message sunk in with this patient, but the therapist said to me, “Isn’t that right, Linda.” I said “Yes, it sure is. You have to be optimistic.” The woman looked over her shoulder at me, and I just smiled. She was still frowning.

Some get it, some don’t. 

“If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.” ~Mildred Lisette Norman, The Peace Pilgrim, Peace Activist, 1892-1971



ellen abbott said...

You're so right. Some people get it and some people don't. Some people just don't want to take the responsibility for their lives, it being so much easier to blame someone else or something else. Others are so focused on what they don't have that they never see what they do have. Sad.

Silver said...

"Change is not stressful. Resistance to change creates stress."

i am going to try to take the cue from the quote you'd used by Gary Zukav.

sometimes the question is you know that you need to have positive energies and move on and all that- but why so hard?

Lover of Life said...

My favorite author! I so agree with this post. Thanks for the reminder to be optimistic.

Hilary said...

I think I'm going to enjoy continuing reading your blog.. and pick up some positivity along the way. Thanks ffor that. :)

Linda Pendleton said...

Lover of Life,

Thank you all for your comments.