Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pride and Forgiveness

It is important to forgive but not in the way we might first think of it. It is important to our well being, much the same as the impact that our angry or negative thoughts can have on us, as written about in my last post. Forgiveness is about reaching the point of peace within ourselves and has nothing to do with anyone else. It is about letting go.

The book, The Mastery of Love was brought to my attention. Although I have heard of Don Miguel Ruiz, Mexican New Age Author, Shaman, I had not read his book.

This chapter excerpt from his book is a reminder of how difficult it is to forgive. Love is the central focus of life but it begins with loving our self.

The path to healing: the truth, forgiveness and self love.

The complete book (17 audios) is on youtube and is read by Jill Eikenberry & Michael Tucker, husband and wife actors.


miruspeg said...

My mother was saying the other day she cannot understand why people forgive so easily. I tried to explain the concept but struck a brick wall.
I will try again using your wise words.
I am a total believer in forgiveness....including forgiving myself.

Linda Pendleton said...

Peggy, it can be a hard concept to understand because it feels like we are saying someone's actions were OK when they were not. So it can boil down to our reaction and action, and letting go of that because in not doing so, it gives another power over us, whether they know it or not. So it's about letting go of our own feelings. That can be difficult, as you know. (I hope you can help your mother to heal as the bricks fall down :-) )

Thanks for your comments... :-)

Edith Newell-Beattie said...

Hi Linda,

I have not been by for a while: not on blogspot at all. But i find it amazing how i always find a message i need when i do come for a visit. There has been a death, two deaths actually, and i thought i was handling it well until i saw two ghosts last night. Both of the persons who died were unkind spirits, whom i thought i had done a good job dealing with but when i saw them last night i broke in sobs. This morning i ordered the spirits to go experience the suffering they've inflicted. I guess i have not truely forgiven (there is vengance when i thought i was past that) because i find comfort in the idea that they have to experience the pain they caused me and others who i care about. Yes, it is a difficult, complex ideal: this forgiveness.

Linda Pendleton said...

Glad to see you back. :-)

I can understand your not wanting to see those two who paid you a visit, and being upset by it. But...you could look at it another way, as they were there to apologize. I don't think they appeared to torment.

Forgiveness is tough, but if you can remember it has nothing to do with forgiving them for their actions, but is about getting those toxic emotions out of yourself. Try writing each a letter of your feelings, let the anger flow, let the tears come, and then have a ceremonial burning or destruction of the letters. That can do wonders to release and take your power back.

Edith Newell-Beattie said...

Yes, Linda, i have done this for one of them long before their physical death. I felt no vengence and was open to be approached...would have even been happy for it and when she refused and finaly died without word i concluded that i was fine and that it would have been more of a benifit for her if she had spoken with me.
The other person i have given very little thought to.

Thank you for your advice. i will think about it and perhaps even follow it.

I'm not sure they appeared before me to ask forgiveness. it seemed a haunting and the timing of the appearance backs this.

Maybe i have to forgive myself for slacking and for taking pleasure from the idea that they may be suffering now, while i am okay.