Friday, June 11, 2010

Messages from my Angels

Photo © Copyright 2010 by Ted Grussing

At times I receive messages from my angels and guides. My spirit guide, Dr. James Martin Peebles, Elizabeth, a beautiful being of Light, and the “group.” I hear their words clairaudently and each has their personality, so I am able to distinguish from whom the message comes.

Here are a few of their inspirational comments:

“Reach out with love and touch someone.
With that gesture the angels sing,
and the heavens resonate with joy!”

“Sit quietly and wait to hear our words.
They will come.
‘Ask and you shall receive;’
those are still words to live by.
We are here.”

“Angels of light, angels of love,
we are here to dance with you.
Hold our hand, twirl and twirl,
listen to the melody,
sway to the rhythm,
souls in unison,
moving joyfully through the cosmos.”

“Reach out and take the hand of your angel,
and you shall know love.”

“You cannot escape love.
It is the essence of all that is.”

“It is our joy to communicate with you.
We are honored to be able to touch you with love.
Each of you is an angel.
You, too, spread your love
as you share yourself with others.
We exchange healing energy, we give to you,
and, you give to us.
We all come from Love
and return to Love.
But in our sharing,
we find the true meaning of Love.”

~Linda Pendleton

© Copyright 2010 by Linda Pendleton


Anonymous said...

Beautiful words from some very wise spirits. Thanks for sharing.

Linda Pendleton said...

Hi Jeff,
Glad you enjoyed reading the messages. :-)

Anonymous said...

I am fascinated that you know your spirit guide's name - it must be a very clear connection. I have three women who have no names - I also have a 'group' that refuse to give me their name!! I call them rainbow light beings (cos that's what they look like to me).

Nancy said...

Lovely words. I especially liked - "ask and you shall receive." I have always found that to be true.