Friday, July 9, 2010

Interview with Athena Demetrios, author of “The Seasoning of a Soul”

My friend, Athena Demetrios is a professional medium and trance-channel and works with Dr. James Martin Peebles and the I AM Teachings of Saint Germain and other Ascended Masters. I’ve taken this opportunity to ask Athena a few questions about her nonfiction book now available at Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Audio, and at other online bookstores. It is receiving a great reception—and of course, her book is very deserving. The Amazon reviews with five-star ratings show how her memoir is deeply touching readers.

My endorsement on the back cover of her book reads: “The Seasoning of a Soul is a sensitive, inspirational, and fascinating story of life, a look into pain and joy, fear and courage, and the beauty of a soul’s awakening. A must read for those on a spiritual search.” Linda Pendleton, author of To Dance With Angels.

Linda: Athena, what motivated you to share your life story?

Athena: I had a lucid dream once of sitting at a table surrounded by spirit guides and teachers discussing with me the challenges of writing my book. This was around the time I had been introduced to Dr. Peebles in the early eighties through his medium Thomas Jacobson. I had been receiving communications after I would meditate that seemed very ethereal ... not like me. Dr. Peebles confirmed that my desire to write was the beginning of a channeling state in which I was being encouraged to write about my own growth in life and that my need was to become very public in this life. Yikes! That thought alone made me want to run to the hills to hide. Nothing quite as frightening as to hang the ‘ol butt out naked for the world to see. He told me to let it be raw and it is just that. Raw. I also knew that this is something I said I would do in this lifetime and I did not want to make my transition and look back knowing that I backed down out of fear. Another factor was that a complete stranger, a well known psychic approached me in a mall shaking a finger in my face while saying, “You need to be writing ... you could be helping millions of women.” I went home and threw caution to the wind. It was the knowing that my odyssey could be of help to others.

Linda: You and I had a number of conversations about self-publishing. Other than being able to move ahead in the publishing process and not worry about agents, advances, and other publisher problems, why did you choose to put the book out in this way?

Athena: Having worked in the film industry as long as I have I saw advantages to self-publishing for a variety of reasons. State of the art sound recording for the audio version of the book was one consideration, not giving up all the rights was another, but after some research I really didn’t see the advantage of a traditional publisher. I wanted to do my own book cover, etc. ... I am very hands on with graphics. But the bottom line ... my intuition told me to go that route.

Linda: You have a quote on the back of your book, “A spiritual odyssey that will open your heart.” How perfect a description of your book. I doubt anyone can read it without being touched deeply, not only in their heart, but in their soul. You’ve had an incredible journey all these years but it’s not over. What do you see for yourself now in these next chapters of your life?

Athena: It has only been recently that I have been able to see with greater clarity the divine purpose in sharing these experiences and how they relate to my most silent prayer ... to be an inspiration for others. I know what it feels like to be lost in the black hole. I am amazed that readers are commenting how deeply it is touching them. Joy ... that is what I see for myself in the golden years of my life ... and I am a golden girl now ... all 63 years. Speaking to larger venues ... sharing the odyssey, inspiring people to connect their inner strength to their own master within. That brings me joy and I feel such passion about it. I love the light inside of people. I just want to hear, listen and be led by spirit. How great is that?!

One last note here ... When I told Dr. Peebles I finished my manuscript he said, “One of your spirit guides just fainted and another is fanning him awake.” He also commented that they had a great debate on the spirit side whether or not I would finish the book in this life because my resistance was so strong. 70% said I would not. It only took 28 years to write! The greatest pleasure I have had is to say to my guides and teachers ... Oh ye of little faith!

Linda: Thank you, Athena. I’m sure Dr. Peebles and the “gang” are delighted you completed your book as it will inspire many, many people.

Visit Athena Demetrios’ website here and read an excerpt of her book. Also you may like to read an interview I did with Athena not long ago. 



Ricky Kendall said...

Loved that interview. How fun. It is inspiring to know that we are loved, watched and cared for on the other side. It would only make sence that humor would be a part of it.

Nancy said...

Thank you. I will check it out.