Thursday, August 12, 2010

CA Gay Marriages Return

Love and equality wins out, at least for now. About time.

The Judge rules to lift the ban on gay marriage and gay marriages in CA can resume on August 18.

Our Former Governor and now Attorney General (and current candidate for Governor), Jerry Brown, who has considered Prop 8 unconstitutional as many of us have, today quoted the words of Frances Wright, a leading feminist of the 19th Century (1795-1852):
"Equality is the soul of liberty; there is, in fact, no liberty without it."

Why is it so difficult for people to get that? And why, in a country founded on religious freedoms, why does religion even have a say in someone's choice of love and matrimony?

It will be so nice when we can get beyond these biases and accept diversity, and allow equality not only for ourself but for everyone--no matter race, religion or sexual identity.

It seems time for our country to catch up with the rest of the world.


Anonymous said...


My creative output has been somewhat limited since the stroke. However I am looking forward to doing some projects that I have been pregnant with for quite some time.

I don't remember if I told you the stroke shut down my right side and although I have recovered all motor functions there are some residual effects which I can see but others are not aware of. Some memory and recall is either slow or nonexistent. I walked about seven miles yesterday and did some discover of the physical layout of the immediate neighborhood.

I apologize for not calling, there are certain restrictions on the use of the house phones and I will have to figure out how to work around the limitation.

Generally things are improving and the next move seems to be to do a new piece of work in clay.

After my stroke I felt I was no longer capable of giving the care mother needed, I saw her Sunday at her assisted living facility and we had a good visit.

I have been studying Dr. Daniel Amen's work on neuroplasticity and realize the need to reprogram the areas of the brain that were injured.

I am a little frustrated with the professional help and programs available to me through the VA and have decided to undertake the work on my own. So in a sense I will be doing my own vocational rehab.

Some fear that my skills level will be effected and wanting but I have no fear in trying.

Will also be doing some creative writing to supplement the sculptural efforts.

Gaining some new dietetic and cooking skills.

Oct. 4th marks one year since the event.

Knowing nothing of my friendship with Don surreptitiously,and unexpectedly my roommate bought one of Don's Executioner audio books and brought it to the house. I look at this event as a wink and a hello from Don.

Love always


Linda Pendleton said...

Good hearing from you. Doing your sculpting again is probably the best therapy there is.

I listened to a couple of videos of Dr. Amen at youtube. Very interesting.

By the way, your long walks! are very good for oxygen to the brain and healing.

Don's book and your roommate -- six degrees of separation -- LOL

Take care, Linda

P.S. you should get an email account at and email me at
But keep reading my blogs, too. LOL

Nancy said...


Ricky Kendall said...

I am in great hopes that this does go to the Supreme Court. Gay marriage should not be a voted for proposition. It will take the courts to finally tell the majority, who are still against gay marriage, that they have no say in the matter. Marriage is a civil right and the constitution protects that right.

Sometimes the far right has a mob mentality. They run through the streets following empty heads like Glen Beck to the jail house to hang the Innocent. These are the same people who stood behind the school and egged on the fight taking place between a popular bully and a kind nerd. These are the people who massed at the city center to see the next hangings, during the dark ages.

It is rather scary to see these masses of empty headed sheep gathering in larger and larger numbers. I fear, if they succeed in their endeavors, our nation will be taken back 100 years and it may take 500 years to gain back the ground lost.

We can only hope that sanity prevails.

Linda Pendleton said...

I agree, Ricky, it is a civil rights matter. Hopefully the Supreme Court will rule to give everyone full rights. I often wonder how those against gay marriage would react to someone telling they them that have no rights to marry who they want. You could bet I'd react!

I also agree it is scarry that someone like Beck, who is an "actor" and has found a way to make millions, has the ability to negatively influence. But heck, cry a little on TV, and write a book or two, and it does wonders to gather those who have bias and prejudices under your wing. Some use anyone to further their personal agenda of not allowing civil rights for everyone, and having a white/black president has stirred up those prejudices in many. It's sad.