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E-Course, Journey to the Heart: Exploring the World of Spirit and Our Connection to It

Journey to the Heart:
Exploring the World of Spirit
Our Connection to It

E-Course by Linda Pendleton


Welcome to the wonderful world of spirit. Feelings of being alone and unloved are often part of the human experience, but you are never alone and within my course you will be guided to understand those feelings are not who you really are as a spiritual being.

On this healing journey, you will explore a broad spectrum of spiritual concepts. Woven throughout the twenty lessons are three powerful spiritual principles given to us by a marvelous, witty, and loving spirit guide, Dr. James Martin Peebles.

Not a Secret or Some Law

The Three Spiritual Principles covered in this course are not a "secret," or some "law" that has to be studied again and again to be understood, but are valuable spiritual principles easily incorporated into your daily life.

Gain personal empowerment, healing, and a sense of peace — and the added benefit of more meaningful and improved relationships.

Alternative thinking about life and death, and the survival of love and consciousness following the release of the physical body, can make grieving and healing the loss of a loved one easier. Be assured you are never alone, always loved, and are connected to all life, including the world of spirit.

Course Objectives

The Other Side and the World of Spirit is at your beck and call. All it takes to connect is to learn to listen, respond and interact with it. The 20 lessons in this course will guide you to:

Make that connection.
Examine your role and purpose as a spiritual being.
Explore the power of love and importance of forgiveness of self and others.
Improve and heal relationships with increased and enhanced communication.
Release victim hood; reclaim your unique worth and embrace responsibility.
Create your own reality, learning the difference between action and reaction.
Explore and embrace the value of prayer and meditation.
Open to the possibility of receiving spiritual communication with Spirit Guides and Angels, and deceased loved ones.
Acknowledge and develop your own intuitive abilities.
Release the past and embrace new beginnings.
Exam life and death...and what lies beyond (e.g., near-death experience, angels, and reincarnation).

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Linda’s E-Course Testimonials

"I found the course very beneficial and inspirational on several levels. Linda has a way of making you think and it truly gives you a sense of knowing we are never alone on this journey of ours." ~ Darlene Peterman Johnson, California

"Awesome - Awesome - Awesome. I have saved each lesson and will return to them for refreshing incentive frequently. As a cancer survivor this course came into my life just at the right time. I can't thank Ms. Pendleton enough." ~ C.H., Florida

“This course helps in so many different ways. It teaches you to listen to your inner voices with an open mind and heart. It helps you to love your life as it is meant to be, and to love the challenges that are present in our life. Because you know we are not here to be victims but here to enjoy the journey called life. The 'three principals' are a guide to being the person you want to be." ~ M. McDaniel, Reiki Master Teacher, California

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Healing Whispers: Communication
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