Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bombing the Moon

Photo Copyright 2009 by Ted Grussing

I just realized my last post was my Post 100 on World of Spirit! Where does time go? Already well into October and it seems like the holidays were just behind us a little bit.

When my husband, Don and I wrote our book Whispers From the Soul, we had a chapter titled
The Natural Acceleration of Change with the opening Section, The Quickening.

A quick review of the recent history of change in the last 60-70 years just in America, will reveal a current pattern of natural and manmade disasters girdling the nation, from civil unrest and violence, devastating earthquakes and fires to the hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards and floods, occurring in virtually every region of the country...and even elsewhere within the world.

These are examples of the inconstancy of the human experience on this planet. It would perhaps be proper to state, then that change is the most compellingly natural state of existence throughout the universe. Without change we would exist within a totally static universe in which there would be no meaning to existence itself.

So why is it that most of us resist change with such tenacity and insist that "things" remain the same as they always have been? "Things" have never been "the same" in this world of time and space.

Change is a necessary state of being--whether we are thinking of a rock or a tree or a human being. Continual change is a mandatory state of all existent elements everywhere. The very planet beneath our feet could not survive without constant activity. In the cosmic sense, our planet is very much alive, very much involved in the process men call evolution--as is the entire manifest universe.

It is well to keep in mind that the basic stuff of which our bodies are made is precisely the same as the basic stuff from which was made the most distant star. We are of the universe and we are subject to the universal laws which keep the whole production functioning.

In speaking of the cosmos, I must say I do not feel good about NASA attacking our Moon in the coming hours. Is it always our nature to invade, to bomb? Think about it. What if some alien civilization out there in the universe decided to send a rocket our way to see if they could get a splash of water out of our blue planet? Don't get me wrong, I think man should have gone to the Moon again long ago, and call it conspiracy theory if you want, but I often wonder why we have not. What is it that our government does not want us to know, or to see?? But to send a $79 million dollar space craft crashing into the moon to stir up some dust to see if there is any water mist seems a waste of good money.

Some might say I'm not being visionary or looking for environmental answers for the future. Maybe not, but I'm not happy about this event. I am in favor of space exploration, but only with respect, and for some reason this does not feel like respect.
Do you have any thoughts on that?

Do you suppose this happened in Arizona when some off earth beings were looking for water in the desert? (well, they did find a 1,406 pound meteorite nearby, apparently not a rocket).

Meteor Crater, Northern Arizona
Photo Copyright 2009 by Ted Grussing



Marlene said...

I shudder to think of us experimenting on the moon...bombing
I know its negative...but i don't think we should screw up another planet...lets fix this one first..

book*addict said...

I had heard about NASA bombing the moon. I'm not sure if I'm not in agreement to the idea myself. I agree with you in the sense what if other beings came to us to wonder the same things. I wouldn't want them putting unnecessary holes in our planet; even though the moon isn't a planet.
I think it is a waste of money considering that there are hundreds of other organizations that need the money more than NASA to attack our own satellite.
I'm just really opposed to the whole idea.

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Anonymous said...

You know, I've been thinking about this moon thing too, and something about it seems kinda...I dunno...strange? It seems to me there are better and cheaper ways to explore for water there. Makes me think there's something about this they aren't telling us. What is this mission really about?


Chuck Dilmore said...

makes me a little embarrassed to be American, human, male.

what's wrong with a cute little robot
that lands with a soft parachute
and whips out a shovel?
a drill, even!

lunar peace.

Nancy said...

No, I am not happy about it. For all the reasons you mentioned. Why do we have to be so aggressive?