Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Consideration of the Human Experience

“Why are we here and what is our role in the ever-expanding reality of being? To question is the basis of all understanding, so join in the search for meaning and find that place wherein all of your answers for all of your questions may be realized!” ~Greg Pendleton

Greg Pendleton has published his book, What About Me: A Consideration of the Human Experience. Available at Amazon in tradepaper and Kindle

“Why has our world become such a crazy, unmanageable place? What is my role in its current state of affairs, and how can I be instrumental in the needed changes ahead? This book seeks to provide you, the individual, with these and many other answers to be found in your investigation of the mystery of Life.”

Greg Pendleton is the son of Don Pendleton. Greg, like his late father, explores the human experience and the steps to reawaken oneself to the true realities of life in order to find love and happiness moment to moment.


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