Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Cosmic Breath: Metaphysical Essays of Don Pendleton

“Is there a reason for the existence of the world? This is perhaps the most basic question of metaphysics.” ~Don Pendleton

Don Pendleton’s Metaphysical Essays dramatically explore the human experience and the spiritual meaning of existence. In Don’s inspirational examination of religion, science, and philosophy, his findings are thought-provoking, inspiring, and, perhaps, even transformational for the true seeker.

Don Pendleton (1927-1995) was creator of The Executioner: Mack Bolan Series, Joe Copp, Private Eye and Ashton Ford, Psychic Detective Mystery Series. He published more than one hundred novels and has sold nearly two hundred million copies world-wide in more than twenty-five languages.

He wrote the nonfiction A Search For Meaning From the Surface of a Small Planet, and with his wife, Linda Pendleton, co-wrote the popular books, To Dance With Angels and Whispers From the Soul.

Don Pendleton considered himself to be a metaphysical scholar and although most of his writing career was devoted to fictional works he often wrote essays of his metaphysical ideas and beliefs.

Friend and fellow writer, Jon Guenther wrote a tribute on his blog to Don Pendleton on the 14th anniversary of Don's death, which was October 23, 1995.

The Cosmic Breath is now available at Amazon and will be available for the Kindle in a few days.

(Update) the book is available at Kindle.



Chuck Dilmore said...

what an achievement, Linda.
a labor of love.

reverent congratulations!

Linda Pendleton said...

Thank you, Chuck. :-)

Lille Diane said...

I will go check this book out. Thank you for sharing this with us! Abundance, and enormous blessings to you, Linda.~