Friday, May 14, 2010

Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet

Photo of my Great Aunt Isa, abt. 1915-20

The pollsters' findings on people who have had contact with those on the Other Side, angels, guides, or loved ones, reflect my own independent research of the matter and my experiences with ordinary people of all walks of life. It appears many people are now very open about discussing such matters in public with little sense of embarrassment and many even seem delighted with the opportunity to do so.

So we have made gains and it may be because so much of various mystical events are now reflected in our entertainment: the books, movies, television, and that it now seems much more comfortable for discussion. People have come out of their “spiritual closet” and are ready to let the world know who they are and what they have experienced. They then discover that they are just like many others. They also discover they are far from crazy. What they have or will experience is actually a normal part of life, and is within the norm of human existence.

The more common experience related to me by others has more to do with direct contact from friends or loved ones who have passed on rather than a full blown encounter with an angelic figure. Many other experiences at first seem to involve an ordinary helping hand from a stranger at a time when it is needed most. It is only later that the recipient of the good deed begins to realize that something supernatural must have occurred.

While intuition presents itself in different ways for individual people, it is often thought to be: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and other types of extra-sensory perception. Yes, it is possible for Spirit to communicate in more then just one way with us! And even within a particular communication, it may be a blend of the various intuitive classifications.

Have you had commuication from a deceased loved one?--or angels?

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Lydia said...

Linda, this is a beautiful post and absolutely what I needed tonight. I posted on May 11 about a communication received, one I thought was from my mother (probably was). On Thursday I learned of the death of a childhood friend that happened on May 5. It was likely suicide. I am wondering now if possibly he came to say goodbye.

I am enjoying following your blog.

Natalie said...

yes,yes,yes! Lots of communication.
I am clairvoyant,clairaudient and clairsentient.
I was saved from a 'fatal' car crash by an angel and saved three times from deathly bites from snakes and spiders.
Two of my daughters were 'visited and saved from harm, and my son had a visit from our deceased pet. I also had a recent visit from our pet.
Blessings to you.♥

Linda Pendleton said...

Thank you. I'm sorry for your loss of your mother and of your friend. It's very possible that your mother was sending you comfort about your friend's death or he came to you (if the timing was right for that). I've had times when I was given "info" from one loved one about the passing of another person.

I'm glad to hear you are enjoying my blog.

Linda Pendleton said...

Hi Natalie,
That'a beautiful, beautiful. :-)It sounds like you and your family are surrounded by love and light and the wings of angels.