Monday, May 3, 2010

Eileen J. Garrett, Famous Mediums, Part 3

The Irish Medium, Eileen J. Garrett (1893-1970)

Another widely respected medium, Eileen J. Garrett, a native of Ireland, was invited to the United States by the American Society for Psychical Research in 1931 to participate in paranormal research and later went to Duke University's Rhine Institute for testing in their Parapsychology Laboratory under unusually strict conditions. She scored very high on the ESP tests and while being studied for her mediumistic abilities, "she gave communications in the trance state that contained information peculiar beyond chance coincidence to a series of individuals. These, one at a time, were seated in an adjoining closed-off room, so that she never saw any of them or knew their identity." [1]

Garrett was to later establish her own Parapsychology Foundation in New York which published the International Journal of Parapsychology.

American Psychic Medium, Arthur Ford, in writing of Eileen Garrett in his 1958 autobiography, Nothing So Strange, described her as, " of the great mediums of all time and one of the most important people in the field of psychic research.”

[1] ESP in Life and Lab: Tracing Hidden Channels by Louisa E. Rhine, 1967, The Macmillan Company.

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Natalie said...

I have been reading books on mediums every second or third day lately. This week's have been ~ Lysa Mateau and T J Higgs. Any opinions?

Linda Pendleton said...

Hi Natalie,

I've not heard of either of these mediums. TJ sounds very interesting though from looking at her website.

Have you read any of John Edward's book, Crossing Over, etc. or James Van Praagh? I especially like their books, and also Lisa Williams, Cher Margolis, Rosemary Altea, Allison DuBois....

Lots to read... LOL

Natalie said...

Yes, I have read all, but Char and Lisa Williams. I have Char ready to go! Whoo Hoo!