Saturday, February 27, 2010

Animal Smarts or the Gift of Intuition?

"Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them." ~ David Hume (1711-1776)

Is Your Pet Smarter Than You?

Some of you may answer the question, "Of course not." Well, how about giving a little more thought to the question?

Does your behavior change shortly before an earthquake or a tsunami? Studies have shown that often the behavior of animals change (e.g., they become agitated) hours or minutes before an earthquake. Remember the stories of the animals, especially the elephants, who moved quickly to high ground shortly before the horrendous Asian tsunami hit? Some even called out a warning.

Have you known and given a warning when someone close to you is about to have an epileptic seizure?

Have you recognized by scent a cancerous tumor on someone?

Have you ever protected and saved someone in the ocean from a shark attack?

Have you ever saved a life by hitting someone in the chest and knocking them down and jumping on their chest as they were chocking on a piece of apple?

Have you ever found yourself in unknown territory a thousand miles from your home and set out to walk your way home, and succeeded?

Have you sat at your front door in anticipation of the arrival in 10 to 30 minutes of a family member, although there was no reason to expect the arrival?

You may not have had these experiences but many animals have. We could call these types of events animal smarts, but the more appropriate term would be innate intuition. Intuition is natural, not supernatural, is normal, not paranormal, and is an emotional connection or even a close bond to nature, to animals, and to humans.

Scientific Animal Research
British biologist and author, Rupert Sheldrake has done scientific animal studies and has concluded there seemingly is an emotional bond and connection between pet owners and their pets. The highlight of his study is the anticipatory behavior that indicates dogs know when their owners are about to return home, often by 10 to 30 minutes. This telepathy occurs because of the close bond, an emotional connection, even an emotional need, that binds the sender and receiver. And I would conclude that the role of sender or receiver fluctuates back and forth between owner and animal: a telepathic receiver one time, a telepathic sender the next.

As reported in the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research (July 1998), a telephone survey of 200 household in Northern California conducted by Sheldrake found 132 of the households surveyed had pets. 45% of dog owners claimed their animal knew in advance when a member of the household was on the way home, compared with 37% of cat owners, and around 20% of these pets were said to react more than 10 minutes in advance. The survey indicated 46% of dog owners and 41% of cat owners stated their pets respond to their thoughts or silent commands. Also interesting were findings that more pet owners claimed to have had psychic experiences themselves than non-pet owners. A significantly higher proportion of the psychic pet owners claimed their pets exhibited psychic powers than the non-psychic owners did. The California findings were in close agreement with a previous survey done by Sheldrake in England. Sheldrake writes about his pet studies in his book, Dogs That Know When Their Owners are Coming Home, And Other Unexplained Powers of Animals.

The Gift of Intuition
Our own innate intuition is a valuable asset and can be a guiding force in our daily lives. By enhancing our intuition it appears it may enhance the emotional connection and deep bond we have with our pets. Enhanced intuition increases our ability for telepathic communication. It is a meeting of the minds a sharing of wisdom and often by being tuned into your pet, not only will you emotionally feel the unconditional love your pet has for you but you will be more tuned into his needs and desires. It's even possible a telepathic message from your pet could keep you safe from danger.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Life Lessons

Photo Copyright by Linda Pendleton

"I live for those who love me, for those who know me true;
For the heaven that smiles above me, and awaits my spirit too;
For the cause that lacks assistance, for the wrong that needs resistance;
For the future in the distance, and the good that I can do."
~George Linnaeus Banks (1821-1881)

Sunday, February 21, 2010


“Inspiration is universal. It over-swept with grandeur all the past ages, and is just as fresh now as in time’s earliest morning. Poets, as much as prophets, are illuminated with a divine radiance. They think, they write and sing from the very depths of their being.”
~ James Martin Peebles (1822-1922), author, spiritualist, physician, healer

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oscar the Cat With the Extraordinary Gift

Oscar the cat is still doing what he does best, and that is to be with a patient as he or she is about to die.

Oscar lives on the third floor of Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, Rhode Island, and he has made his home there since he was two months old.

In 2007, Dr. David Dosa, a geriatrician at Rhode Island Hospital and an assistant professor of medicine at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, both in Providence published an article in the Massachuttes Medical Journal about Oscar’s apparent ability to predict when someone is about to die. Oscar was two years of age when the article was written.

Last night, Dr. Dosa was a guest on Coast to Coast AM Radio with George Noory. He has now written a new book, Making Rounds With Oscar: The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat.

He stated that Oscar is not particularly a friendly cat, and in some ways seems to be a loner and stand-offish, that is until Oscar “knows” a patient is close to death, within hours or less. The doctors and nurse, and even families, view Oscar’s behavior as almost an absolute indicator of impending death, and this indicator even then allows the staff members to notify families to come.

Oscar climbs upon the bed and stays with the patient and even once swiped at Dr. Dosa when he came near. In one sense, Oscar “keeps guard,” in another, gives companionship so those dying are not alone. Even if the patient is unaware of the presence of Oscar, it seems to not matter at all to the cat. He is doing what he does best, to be present as a person makes his or her transition to the other side.

Oscar will stay there, curled up on the bed along side the patient, long before the chaplain is called and he does not leave until death comes....

Hanging on the wall on the third floor of the Steere Nursing Center is a commendation from the local hospice agency, engraved with these words: “For his compassionate hospice care, this plaque is awarded to Oscar the Cat.”
He’s psychic, he has to be. And he’s an angel.and he is doing the job of an do we know that he is not in telepathic communication with the dying patient who may have one foot in this world and the other foot in the nonphysical world. And hey, maybe Oscar, who has four feet, has a couple of feet there on the other side, getting everyone together to welcome the new arrival.

My cat is psychic so I understand, and many of us have had pets that know if are sick, or sad, or need some reassurance that we are loved unconditionally. You’ve experienced that, haven’t you?

What I find so unique about Oscar, is that during normal days when no one is on the verge of death, he minds his own business and does not care to be around people much, and often hisses at anyone disturbing him or coming too close.

But then he knows when it is time...
He knows his job awaits him, yes, it is time.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Abraham Lincoln, a Spiritualist...ebooks

I could hardly let Abraham Lincoln’s birthday go by without mention of my ebooks about him that I published for the 200th anniversary of his birth last year. I always found him to be so fascinating and in many ways one of my heroes from childhood. So I am delighted to have written about him.

Many people do not know that Lincoln was a spiritualist and did take part in séances and meetings with mediums. One medium in particular was a young woman named Nettie Colburn (Maynard). Not long before her death she wrote a book about her life and that included her time with Lincoln during the Civil War. Thankfully, Mrs. Maynard left us with this profound treasure, a spiritual profile of an intelligent man, a deep thinker, and a man dedicated to preserving our Union and with a goal toward humane treatment of all citizens of our country.

I wrote an Introduction to Nettie Colburn Maynard’s book, Was Abraham Lincoln a Spiritualist?. Her book profiles the less discussed side of Abraham Lincoln - his spiritual side. His interest in Spiritualism apparently separated him from many, but not all, as you will see in reading this book. Medium Nettie Colburn was born in 1841 and in 1891 she published this book. It charts her experiences with President Lincoln during a period of great upheaval in the United States. This book is a profound treasure, a spiritual profile of an intelligent man, a deep thinker, and a man dedicated to preserving the Union and inspiring greater humane treatment of all citizens. Illustrations included. We include a second book, Writings of and about Abraham Lincoln, Our Sixteenth President, compiled by me. These two books are offered as Free Gifts with the purchase of my ebook, How Thin the Veil! 150 Years of Spiritualism, along with three more free ebooks. They are Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe; Through the Mist: Light at the End of the Tunnel By Linda Pendleton; and Charting Your Intuitive Experiences: To Heal, Solve Problems, Make Spiritual Contact and More! By Linda Pendleton.

This week I received a beautiful review on How Thin the Veil! 150 Years of Spiritualism, and she previously had mentioned she was enjoying the ebook gifts, too.

Her review of How Thin the Veil! 150 Years of Spiritualism: “This ebook was fantastic.... Our family recently buried yet another member of the family (three in two years) and I was so overcome with grief when I started reading this book. I'm much better now and will absolutely recommend this book to anyone that has experienced a loss!” ~ Namaste', Susan S., Arizona

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I Choose Love...

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I Choose Love....

Shawn Gallaway, songwriter, musician and artist.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

The New Norm

“All of us are here creating our future every minute.” ~Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., Angel clairvoyant

Best selling author Gregg Braden, internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality, and Doreen Virtue discuss our future and where we are in the evolution of our planet (and ourselves).

I’ve never gone along with the apocalyptic view of 2012, and any other event for that matter, but instead, have believed our planet is in constant change as we are as a civilization.
More about Change Here and Here in previous blogs.

I especially like Gregg Braden’s comment which I very much identify with. Maybe you will too, if you are here reading, listening, and enjoying it. He commented, also, if you were listening to this you were “probably the kind of person that other people have always looked at as being a little odd, in some ways.” And it is because we are “odd” that we are “willing to look at the world a little differently, beyond the edges of our comfort zone.”

And I join them in being a “professional odd,” as Doreen Virtue said. How about you?

and thanks, Edith, for bringing this video to my attention :-)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Communication With Life

1. Loving Allowance for all things to be in their own time and place, beginning with yourself.
2. Increased Communication with all of life everywhere, and with respect.
3. Self Responsibility, for you are the eternal creator, never the victim.
~Dr. James Martin Peebles, Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom

Spirit guide Dr. James Martin Peebles (1822-1922), in sharing his spiritual psychology with us for my book, Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom, had this to say about his principle, Increased Communication with all of life everywhere, and with respect,” and gave these examples on how we may increase our communication with life.

“Now, within this principle, we speak of increased communication with all of life everywhere. Life is made up of the human, and all the creatures who roam the earth. That includes the birds who sing for you and nibble at your garden; the four-legged animals who you have domesticated, and the ones who roam wild; the insects that you swat away as they buzz around your head; the bountiful vegetation which covers the land; and the many life forms who live in community with you on Planet Earth; and, it includes the Planet Earth, herself. She is alive and vital. All of it deserves respect.

“Have you talked to a tree recently and told him how startling and impressive his brightly colored leaves are? Have you told the beautiful wild daisy in the field how beautiful she is? Have you spoken to the fish who swims in the water and told him how sorry you are that you have allowed his fresh water to become polluted? Have you asked the ants who have invaded your kitchen to find their way to the outdoors? Have you blessed the rich soil which allows your garden to produce food for you? Have you smiled at the stranger who passes you on the sidewalk?

“Respect comes from the heart as does love. With loving allowance for all things to be, in their own time and place, and increasing your communication with respect for all life everywhere, you have incorporated self-responsibility. If you take personal responsibility for your place upon the planet, and understand that you are an integral part of the planet, then how can you not love and respect all of life everywhere and in every form?”

He’s right, isn’t he? How could we not?


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Touching the Divine Within Through Meditation

Photo © 2010 by Ted Grussing

"Golden the age when men will do, rather than say their prayers."
~ James Martin Peebles, (1822-1922)

Prayer and meditation are important because they not only put you in touch with the Divine but with yourself. It becomes a beautiful opportunity for spiritual enrichment. When you receive guidance during prayer or meditation, it comes to your uncluttered and still mind with clearness.

Within your quiet and peaceful moments you open your connection with the world of spirit, allowing you to receive messages of love and divine inspiration, in addition to conversing with God or the Divine Source, your angels, spirit guides, and loved ones.

Meditation relieves stress, and puts you in touch with your higher self. It also allows for intellectual communication at a cellular level. Within the slightly altered state, much like the daydream state, the life force energy flows much freer throughout the body, and with the free energy flow, the chakras come into balance, into alignment. It is a time of cleansing and healing of the body, mind, and soul.

A meditation is a disciplined focus which encourages the mind to travel a specific path of thought toward a desired result. One may wish to meditate upon the nature of the divine and one's own relationship to it, or may wish to merely create a state of total relaxation which would be conducive to some desired physical or mental result.

Transcendental Meditation, a discipline for heightened awareness, which originated more than five thousand years ago with the ancient Vedas of India, has been practiced in Western society since its introduction to the United States by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1959. It is widely accepted by Western cultures today for its ability to reduce stress and promote physical and mental health. During its heyday, many U.S. corporate managers promoted the program among their executives and employees as a way to reducing stress and increasing productivity and creativity in the workplace. Although the more stylized approach of Transcendental Meditation has been left behind by many, meditation has found a place in the awareness of millions of Westerners who seek primarily to have an occasional "refresher" from the stress of everyday life and some sense of connection with the infinite.

As it is most commonly practiced today, meditation is usually associated with the processes of visualization and/or a tranquil dialogue with the body wisdom. Rather than chanting of mantra's, one may prefer to visualize a tranquil setting and a "journey" to that location while clearing the mind of random clutter and simply attempting to focus on some desired goal or effect. Many use this opportunity to contact their spiritual teachers or angels for guidance. Some use this quiet time for prayer, or for exploring their innermost thoughts and recording them in a diary or journal while still others, focus on an expansion of their creativity.

In the most sublime sense, this is a dialogue with the body/mind wisdom and therein lies the most productive use of such time.

A simple technique for personal problems is to simply and firmly state the nature of the problem and request a solution while in a meditative state. We are all much wiser than many of us may think we are, and the body knows things that our minds often do not. To engage in an inner dialogue will often reveal the answers we seek.

We all have spirit guides who work closely with us. Meditation is the opportune time for you to communicate, through visual or auditory efforts. Within the slightly altered state of meditation, you hear messages with somewhat more clarity. Do you recall times when you were caught up in negativity and could have used some spiritual insight to move you more swiftly into the positive? Have you been given spiritual answers from time to time? Within the dream state, do you often feel you leave the body and have a communion, an opportunity for nurturing and uplifting of the soul?

"Our life is what our thoughts make it."
~ Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121-180)

Effective meditation can help us to become more balanced and centered in our full expression of life's wondrous gifts, more resilient, more understanding and accepting of other points of view, more compassionate and sympathetic, more intuitive and creative, more responsive to the universal flow of life in which we are immersed.

I invite you now, to spend a few moments with
my Forgiveness Meditation.

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