Friday, March 25, 2011

To Dance With Angels by Don and Linda Pendleton

To Dance With Angels by Don and Linda Pendleton was published in hardcover August of 1990. It’s had four editions over the years, and publication in Japan and Russia.

Now nearly 21 years later, I have published it as a Kindle edition. It will also be available before long through and they also distribute for the iPad, Nook, Kobo, Diesel, and various formats.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor. A Star!


"I will not be silenced and I will not give up and I will not be ignored." With these words, Elizabeth Taylor lent her voice to the voiceless, her iconic image to those who had previously been invisible, and her compassion and determination to a cause many others had shunned: the fight against HIV/AIDS. Her willingness to speak out against apathy and silence in the early, frightening days of the epidemic and her instinctive sympathy for those in need earned her a place as one of the most influential advocates for people living with HIV in the U.S. and around the world.

A legendary star of stage and screen, Elizabeth Taylor has achieved equal fame for her humanitarian commitment to the fight against HIV/AIDS, which dates from 1984. As she remembers it, “I kept seeing all these news reports on this new disease and kept asking myself why no one was doing anything. And then I realized that I was just like them. I wasn’t doing anything to help.” The opportunity to do so came only too soon, when her long-time friend Rock Hudson died of AIDS. Appalled by both the suffering he experienced and the cruel and gratuitous condemnation that befell so many of those affected by the disease, Ms. Taylor determined to speak out against hypocrisy and discrimination and for compassion and care. Ever since, she has lent her voice—and indeed her heart and soul—to the fight against HIV and AIDS.

In 1985, Ms. Taylor joined with Dr. Mathilde Krim and a small group of physicians and scientists to form the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR). As amfAR’s Founding National Chairman, she became the new organization’s principal spokesperson and titular head. As a great star and beloved public figure, she attracted enormous media attention. As a woman and a mother, her voice touched millions of hearts and minds. Indeed, for many Americans, it was Elizabeth Taylor who brought the issue of HIV/AIDS into the mainstream.

From the website of the AIDS Foundation she cofounded.
I have always admired Elisabeth Taylor for her stand on AIDS, and how she brought it to everyone's attention. Also loved her acting. She was a STAR!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Earth, A Loving and Living Experience of Divine Thought"

This is an excerpt from our Book, To Dance With Angels, in which my husband, Don Pendleton asks the spirit, Dr. James Martin Peebles, channeled by trance-medium Thomas Jacobson, this question. (To Dance With Angels will be available soon in ebook format, Kindle and Smashword).
DON: It has been suggested by some modern thinkers—especially people in the earth sciences —that the Earth and its biosphere is, in their view, like a single entity, sort of a living system in which each constituent of that system is intimately responsive and, uh, interactive with the whole. Sounds good to me. Could you comment on that and perhaps relate it to the entire universe as a larger entity of somewhat the same nature?

DR. PEEBLES: Yes; it is what we call synchronicity and the oneness of the universe. In the Earth or in the universe or in the microbe or in the nucleus there is movement, there is motion. In that motion there is only change. And within that change there is always the return to the source; there is always the recycling, similar, extremely close in precise measurements, extremely close to a perfect circle but not quite; and so thereby becoming a spiral—figuratively, symbolically, and literally by measurement.

This is not only a three-dimensional but four-dimensional phenomenon and even beyond that. The spiral is the source of the greater frequency changes, such as black holes, which goes into the discussion of other dimensions, another reality, another universe; also internal combustion, ah . . . instantaneous or spontaneous combustion of an emotional experience, or a physical experience . . .uh, interdimensional travel, in the form of the spiral.

To resist change is to ignite pain and separation; to surrender and move with, and eventually to pilot change is to become the center of the universe rather than the periphery; the creator rather than the victim.

The entire universe is a loving and living experience of divine thought. It is a fabric that is intermeshed with all things. All particles are a part of this—and the science of the next century will not be priding itself on its great diversity, its great specialization, but instead will pride itself on a unified understanding. All the differences that have been found, or so-called discovered in your current century will . . . their source will be found to be common, into oneness, or a unified field, in the century to come.

So it is true that every movement in one part of the universe affects another part of that universe to some infinitesimal degree at least. And you are part of all life around you.

Copyright 1990 by Don and Linda Pendleton, To Dance With Angels.

Friday, March 11, 2011

"I’m heartbroken by this tragedy. I think when you see what’s happening in Japan you are reminded that for all our differences in culture or language or religion, that ultimately humanity is one. And when we face these kinds of natural disasters, whether it’s in New Zealand or Haiti or Japan, then you think about your own family and you think how would you feel if you lost a loved one, or if your entire lifesavings were gone because of the devastation."
~President Barack Obama, March 11, 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Spirituality of a Young Gifted Artist, Akiane

“I define spirituality as a search for love, beauty, happiness and wisdom. Spirituality is a journey that we never finish.” ~Akiane Kramarik, 16 Year-old, Artist, Poet, Mystic

You may have seen Akiane and her incredible art work before when she has appeared on various TV shows. Her talent, which began at a very young age, is quite amazing and inspirational. She considers her talent to be directed by God. Obviously her inspiration not only in her art but in her writings has a strong spiritual essence and message. Her paintings evoke an energy that is pure and loving.

And by the way, I added the word Mystic to her description in the quote above, because from what I have read and heard about Akiane, I would consider her a mystic as she is a visionary and has a connection to the spiritual world.

See what you think after reading her words and seeing her artwork and video. I think you may agree.

(and my thanks to Nancy at Life In the Second Half and her blog article on Special Children for again bringing Akiane to my attention.)

From Akiane's Blog:

Posted on August 16, 2010 by Akiane
a Response to Bloggers’ questions regarding alternative lifestyles.

I define spirituality as a search for love, beauty, happiness and wisdom. Spirituality is a journey that we never finish. It has nothing to do with our levels of development, achievement, awareness or intention.

Both a two year-old and a centenarian might not be wise, happy or altruistic yet highly spiritual. Young children might not be fully aware how spiritual they are, however, without childlike sincerity and purity we cannot even imagine certain touch of holiness.

Hitler, too, tried to create his own version of perfect, healthy and stable society. For many he was an epitome of farsightedness and spirituality. The Pope even blessed Hitler’s army. Was Hitler spiritual? Yes. In his own diabolic and hideous way.

How do we weigh levels of spirituality? Are alternative lifestyles less spiritual than traditional ones? Some people abstain from all intimate relationships, because they believe they have to devote their time to love all mankind in a childlike genuineness. Others form monogamous heterosexual relationships. While others create bonds outside all traditional rules.

From the standpoint of eternity each level of maturity is relative. We are all spiritual, and we are all different. Neither higher, nor lower. Neither farther, nor closer. Neither deeper, nor more shallow. Just uniquely different. Looking at a blossom from a different direction one will see it completely foreign, special, beautiful or revolting depending on where we stand. If the close-up is of a spider attached to the stem, then for those who don’t like spiders the sight will look distasteful. If the image is of a butterfly on a petal the view may appear peaceful to us, but not for a bird hungrily watching the scene.

From the standpoint of our present world we all assign our measurements of preference. Given the choice we will join families and groups based on our interests. We attract those with similar values and ideals. People crave belonging. So whether it is a national, racial, religious, political, educational, vocational or biological identification we try to connect to something familiar and within our comfort zone.

Clear messages of diverse feelings experienced by other people were part of my visionary and extrasensory perception since I was five years of age. I do not condemn any personal choices for intimate relationships. Love is love. I detest only the violence and trauma that any self-centered conduct can cause to others.

[copyright by Akiane Kramarik, 2010]

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