Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Friendship: A Kitten And A Crow

A friendship
is a special, unique state of being–
an entity readily identified
without resort to vows, spiritual or intellectual,
and without recourse to sacraments, dispensations, or decrees...
A friendship is a private thing.

A friendship is not a casual thing–
nor, indeed, is it a thing at all:
it is an essence–a source of things–
yet more than an idea, much more than a suggestion,
and nothing at all like an inspiration;
a friendship is simply a movement, and a meeting,
and a recognition within pure spirit.

A friendship is a romance without flesh–
a love affair with no affair–
a blending of the best that we may offer one another:
it does not demand, it does not fulfill,
and it does not sustain the members...
But it is there, silent and unassuming,
happy and understanding, always ready for instant use;
and it need not be fed, requires no special shelter,
and is big enough to stretch across any distance.

So, say not farewell to me, my friends:
farewell is a strange word, spoken in an alien tongue,
and having no meaning in the framework
of the feelings we share together.

Say, instead: let’s meet again.

~ Don Pendleton, (1927-1995) Author

© Don Pendleton

This is really incredible that a bird and a cat can bond in this way.
My thanks to Susan Gregg who posted this video on her blog and on Twitter, where I discovered it.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

E-Course, Journey to the Heart: Exploring the World of Spirit and Our Connection to It

Journey to the Heart:
Exploring the World of Spirit
Our Connection to It

E-Course by Linda Pendleton


Welcome to the wonderful world of spirit. Feelings of being alone and unloved are often part of the human experience, but you are never alone and within my course you will be guided to understand those feelings are not who you really are as a spiritual being.

On this healing journey, you will explore a broad spectrum of spiritual concepts. Woven throughout the twenty lessons are three powerful spiritual principles given to us by a marvelous, witty, and loving spirit guide, Dr. James Martin Peebles.

Not a Secret or Some Law

The Three Spiritual Principles covered in this course are not a "secret," or some "law" that has to be studied again and again to be understood, but are valuable spiritual principles easily incorporated into your daily life.

Gain personal empowerment, healing, and a sense of peace — and the added benefit of more meaningful and improved relationships.

Alternative thinking about life and death, and the survival of love and consciousness following the release of the physical body, can make grieving and healing the loss of a loved one easier. Be assured you are never alone, always loved, and are connected to all life, including the world of spirit.

Course Objectives

The Other Side and the World of Spirit is at your beck and call. All it takes to connect is to learn to listen, respond and interact with it. The 20 lessons in this course will guide you to:

Make that connection.
Examine your role and purpose as a spiritual being.
Explore the power of love and importance of forgiveness of self and others.
Improve and heal relationships with increased and enhanced communication.
Release victim hood; reclaim your unique worth and embrace responsibility.
Create your own reality, learning the difference between action and reaction.
Explore and embrace the value of prayer and meditation.
Open to the possibility of receiving spiritual communication with Spirit Guides and Angels, and deceased loved ones.
Acknowledge and develop your own intuitive abilities.
Release the past and embrace new beginnings.
Exam life and death...and what lies beyond (e.g., near-death experience, angels, and reincarnation).

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Linda’s E-Course Testimonials

"I found the course very beneficial and inspirational on several levels. Linda has a way of making you think and it truly gives you a sense of knowing we are never alone on this journey of ours." ~ Darlene Peterman Johnson, California

"Awesome - Awesome - Awesome. I have saved each lesson and will return to them for refreshing incentive frequently. As a cancer survivor this course came into my life just at the right time. I can't thank Ms. Pendleton enough." ~ C.H., Florida

“This course helps in so many different ways. It teaches you to listen to your inner voices with an open mind and heart. It helps you to love your life as it is meant to be, and to love the challenges that are present in our life. Because you know we are not here to be victims but here to enjoy the journey called life. The 'three principals' are a guide to being the person you want to be." ~ M. McDaniel, Reiki Master Teacher, California

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Healing Whispers: Communication
With Your Spirit Guides and Angels by Linda Pendleton

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mind Reading and Physics, Dr. Michio Kaku

Dr. Michio Kaku is a theoretical physicist, best-selling author, popular radio host and TV personality, is the co-founder of string field theory (a branch of string theory), and continues Einstein’s search to unite the four fundamental forces of nature into one unified theory. His books include Parallel Worlds: A Journey Through Creation, Higher Dimensions, and the Future of the Cosmos; Einstein's Cosmos: How Albert Einstein's Vision Transformed Our Understanding of Space and Time.

Dr. Kaku is Chair and Professor in theoretical physics at the City College of New York, where he has taught for over 25 years, and has often been a visiting visiting professor at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, as well as New York University.

He has been a guest now and then on the Coast to Coast AM Radio Show, and that is where
I first heard him.

Visit his website to learn more about Dr. Kaku.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our Unseen Guest, The Finley's Communication with Stephen, 1920

Now On Kindle:

The Finley’s, known as “Darby and Joan,” in 1916 began communication with a young American soldier who had died in France on Christmas morning, 1915. Through the mediumship of Joan, the couple had fascinating and ongoing communication with this soldier who they called, Stephen, as he taught them about the other side and life after death. The book published in 1920 became a classic in spirit communication literature.

Linda Pendleton, no stranger to spirit communication, has written a new Introduction to Our Unseen Guest. Linda and her husband, Don Pendleton wrote the popular books, To Dance With Angels, a study in life after death and spirit communication, and Whispers From the Soul: The Divine Dance of Consciousness, which is a look at the profound wisdom of the ages. Her follow-up books, Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom, and Angelic Whispers of Love, also are about spirit communication, spirit guides, and mediumship.

In her Introduction, Linda shows the relationship between the Finley’s and Stewart Edward and Betty (Elizabeth) White, and the Betty Books, classics of spirit communication, published in 1937-1940. The Betty Books are considered masterpieces in the field of psychic exploration. The two couples first meet in 1922, and 17 years later, after the death of Betty, their spiritual work continued with fascinating results. The two couples, along with Stephen, left us with an abundance of excellent spiritual information, brilliant exploration of the inner dimensions of life, and gives valuable insight into life after death.

A must read for those interested in spirit communication and mediumship.

Also available for immediate download at Healing E-books


Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Between the Bookends:" Christina-Taylor Green (September 11, 2001—January 8, 2011)

Christiana-Taylor Green, Age 9
(Photo Courtesy of Family)

Roxanna Green said about her 9 year-old daughter who was gunned down in Tucson Arizona yesterday morning at the Gabrielle Giffords political event, “I just want her memory to live on because was a face of hope, a face of change, faces of us coming together as a country to stop the violence and hatred and the evil words, and for us to bring awareness that there are people out there that have these problems. We have to protect our government officials and innocent young children, people who go there to get involved and make our country a better place.”

According to an article by Stephanie Innes in the Arizona Daily Star today, Christina-Taylor had “already told her parents she wanted to attend Penn State one day and have a career that involved helping those less fortunate than her. She also loved animals and was a passionate dancer who loved ballet, hip-hop, jazz and gymnastics and was the only girl on her Canyon del Oro Little League baseball team, ‘The Pirates.’ She played second base.”

She also loved swimming with 11 year-old brother, Dallas, apparently named after his grandfather.

“Christina-Taylor came from a family of baseball players. Her grandfather, former major-league pitcher Dallas Green, was team manager for the Philadelphia Phillies when they won the World Series in 1980.

"She kept up with everyone, she was a strong girl, a very good athlete and a strong swimmer," said her mother, Roxanna Green. "She was interested in everything. She got a guitar for Christmas so her next thing was learning to play guitar."

“Christina-Taylor also enjoyed singing in a church choir at St. Odilia's Catholic Church, where she had received her first Holy Communion in the spring.”

Her mother said she was very interested in going to the Saturday morning event with a neighbor, a family friend, Susan Hileman, (also a victim of a gunshot wound), because she wanted to learn more about government so she could help out in the future. Christina, a 3rd grader was recently was elected to the school council.

"She was born back east and Sept. 11 affected everyone there, and Christina-Taylor was always very aware of it. She was very patriotic and wearing red, white and blue was really special to her," her mother said. "She was all about helping people, and being involved. It's so tragic. She went to learn today and then someone with so much hatred in their heart took the lives of innocent people."

“Because she was born on Sept. 11 in that year where American history took a sudden and dramatic turn, Christina was among the 9/11 babies featured in a book titled Faces of Hope."

Both President Obama and FBI Director Robert Mueller referenced Christina in remarks about the tragedy.

Her father, John Green stated, “I'm proud of her. That is where she started, President Obama and his campaign is where she started getting interested in politics and at least to have him mention her makes me feel good. She was born on 9/11, so when you look at the bookends of her life, they were pretty tragic, but everything in the middle was the best.”

In the book, The Faces of Hope, apparently the photograph of baby Christiana-Taylor says, "I hope you see rainbows.”

Not only will she see rainbows, she was a beautiful rainbow.

Read more about the event at my other blog


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another Side of "Honey West" Actress, Anne Francis

“The Seed of each of us takes different form as we, millions of fragments of the One, respond to Its warmth. Though our experiences be different, I salute you in that Oneness that embraces us all.” ~Anne Francis, from the Introduction to her book, Voices From Home, An Inner Journey.

Anne Francis, known for her acting roles in classic movies such as Bad Day at Black Rock, Forbidden Planet, Blackboard Jungle, and star of the TV program Honey West died Sunday at the age of 80. She won the Golden Globe in 1965 as the Most Popular Female Personality for her role as Honey West, the first female PI in a TV series. The TV series was based a series of detective novels written by G. G. Fickling, pseudonym for Forrest and Gloria Fickling, a husband and wife writing team of the 1950s-60s.

I’ve not read the novels but I thought of the type of sexy detective novels such as those written by my friend Richard S. Prather and his Shell Scott PI series of best selling books of the ’50-60s. And apparently the Ficklings were friends of Prather.

The Honey West character was sexy, and Anne had a sultry look and a distinctive beauty mark she was known for, but she also took on the bad guys with her expertise with a gun and karate. She also had a pet ocelot. The TV series was on for 30 episodes, 1965-66, with Aaron Spelling as Executive Producer.

In 1983, I had the opportunity of seeing Anne Francis at the Santa Barbara’s Writer Conference. It was there that I discovered she had also written a book, a book a lot of people do not know of. I had found her book very interesting, and when I heard of her death Sunday, I pulled the book from my bookshelf. It is called Voices From Home, An Inner Journey and was published in 1982 by Celestial Arts.

Anne Francis writes that her book is not a book about hidden skeletons, and name revealing dalliances but is far more intimate and she calls the book her spiritual expose. On the cover flap she wrote: “It is about our essence of being, the inexplicable reality of mysticism, psychic phenomena, and the inner workings of mind and spirit which contribute to the growth of the invisible and the most important part of us; hidden from the glare of lights and the camera’s eye.”

It really is a fascinating book of unexpected subjects: spirituality, love, contact with the other side, life and death, the mind and energy, creating our lives, and spiritual growth and enlightenment.

I very much enjoyed reading her book, and obviously I still remember the book as it immediately came to mind when I heard of her death.

I do hope her daughters, Jane and Margaret, will consider putting their mother’s book back in print and ebook format so it can be shared again.