Sunday, October 18, 2015

Body Magic

A meditation is a disciplined focus which encourages the mind to travel a specific path of thought toward a desired result.  One may wish to meditate upon the nature of the divine and one's own relationship to it or may wish to merely create a state of total relaxation which would be conducive to some desired physical or mental result.
Transcendental Meditation, a discipline for heightened awareness, which originated more than five thousand years ago with the ancient Vedas of India, has been practiced in Western society since its introduction to the United States by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1959.  TM® is widely accepted by Western cultures today for its ability to reduce stress and promote physical and mental health.  The major objective of TM is an intimate association with pure awareness,  practiced with dedication on a daily basis.  During its heyday, many U.S. corporate managers promoted the program among their executives as a means of reducing stress and increasing productivity and creativity in the work place.  A much less ritualized version of TM has been practiced by many individuals of all walks of life. The mere concept of meditation has found considerable favor as a result of the popularity of TM and though the more stylized approach has been left behind by many, meditation has found a place in the awareness of millions of Westerners who seek primarily to have an occasional refresher from the stress of everyday life and some sense of connection with the infinite. 
As it is most commonly practiced today, meditation is usually associated with the processes of visualization and/or a tranquil dialogue with the body wisdom.  Rather than the chanting of mantra's, one may prefer to visualize a tranquil setting and a journey to that location while clearing the mind of random clutter and simply attempting to focus on some desired goal or effect.  Many use the opportunity to contact their spiritual teachers or angels for guidance.  Some use this quiet time for exploring their innermost thoughts and recording them in a diary or journal while others focus on an expansion of their creativity.
In the most sublime sense, this is a dialogue with the body/mind wisdom and therein lies the most effective and most productive use of such time. 

A new MRI Research Study at Harvard reveals that meditation and mindfulness rebuilds the Brain's Gray Matter in 8 Weeks.  Read Here.