Saturday, September 20, 2008

Guardian Angels and Communication

It appears the belief in angels has once again increased in the latest survey of the USA’s religious beliefs conducted by Baylor University in Texas. Fifty-five percent of all adults, including one in five of those who said they had no religion, believe they have been protected from harm by a guardian angel.

Psychology Professor Kenneth Parament of Bowling Green University, seems to indicate the same as I have written....that deceased loved one are often considered guardian angels and looking after their well-being, rather than a actual winged angel.

And although twenty percent of those polled by the Baylor survey have said they have heard God speak to them, it may be by internal sense, not literally words heard externally by their ear.
I also found interesting that of the 1,700 surveyed in the Baylor poll, sixteen percent believe they have received a miraculous physical healing.

As I’ve written in my e-courses, and in my e-book, angels do come in all sizes and shapes, with wings and without wings, male and female, deceased loved ones, spirit guides and wise master teachers. And they communicate with us at times using signs and symbols rather than words of telepathy or voice.

Whatever form your angel or angels take, contact with them can be heartwarming, life-saving, joyous, and awe-inspiring. And always filled with love.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Medium John Edward and My Cat, Snickers

Psychic medium John Edward’s new season began last night on We Network. As always, the show was very good and enjoyable. Following the hour show was a repeat showing. I turned off the television and left my living room for my study. About ten minutes later I heard John Edward's voice coming from my living room. I returned to the living room to see the television on again. My cat Snickers jumped down off the ottoman where the TV remote control was laying. He did look a little guilty....but my question was and is, how did he push those three buttons and turn on the TV again to that channel without messing up the cable, etc.? I’m still puzzled. Did Snickers have help turning it on, or did someone other than my psychic cat turn it on? No one else here at least in the physical sense.

Just now I tried the remote, put equal pressure, actually quite a bit on the top part where the three buttons are, and it did come on OK. But there are other buttons right there including the Mute button. So even if he laid down on it, it sort of seems unlikely it would have turned on the TV, or if it did, things would probably have been messed up. Come to think of it, he has laid on the remote in the past and has not turned the TV either on or off.

And the funny thing is, there have been several humans who have had trouble turning on the TV correctly with that remote. And also, while this was happening last night I was writing a chapter about synchronicity for my new ebook.

And as you know, there are no accidents.

Ahh, the mystery of life.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuning Into Your Intuition

Intuition is defined as the ability to perceive or know things without conscious reasoning, immediate apprehension or understanding. It is your inner voice, or psychic awareness, your spontaneous knowing.

Our intuition is innate and a natural part of our lives. But many of us ignore, block, deny, or simply do not tap into this valuable resource. But why would we do this with a resource that can be used to help us heal, solve problems, and make spiritual contact with deceased loved ones, angels, or spirit guides?

Dr. Judith Orloff, a psychiatrist, author, and an intuitive, shares this short video:

~ Linda