Sunday, June 7, 2015


Dr. James Martin Peebles, spirit guide, on Victimhood, from the book Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom by Linda Pendleton:  

"By understanding that you are, indeed, the creator of your life, it returns power, respect and love–beginning with self.  The illusion of separation then becomes smaller and self becomes larger.  Self-doubt leaves, and self-worth returns.  You no longer feel helpless or hopeless as self-empowerment returns. 

But the paradox.  By claiming your power you also have to claim self-responsibility for your life and, in doing so, you claim responsibility for your every action, thought and deed. 

That is a big one–thought.  Your every thought has a reaction.  But you say, No one knows my thoughts except me!  Wrong.  Thoughts are real.  Once they are put into form within your mind, they are an energy, and energy moves and energy does.  They are a force, a reality, and become a part of the universe.  Of course, your actions and deeds have not only an impact on others but on self.  And often, more on self, than others.