Monday, September 26, 2011

The Fourth Awakening Series of New Age Mysticism

The Fourth Awakening, by Rod Pennington and Jeffery A. Martin, Ph.D., has been #1 for over 100 weeks in the Kindle category of “Best Sellers in New Age Mysticism.”

“While a work of fiction, The Fourth Awakening is grounded in cutting edge science and an emerging new spiritual reality. It offers readers a glimpse of their future.”

The second novel in The Fourth Awakening Series, The Gathering Darkness, has just been released on Kindle. Both books are only .99 cents.

Today I posted an interesting Interview with author Rod Pennington. Read the interview and also learn Fourth Awakening Series and Rod Pennington .


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gloria Vanderbilt and son, Anderson Cooper

Today on Anderson Cooper’s new talk show, he had on his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, now 87 years of age. I love Anderson Cooper; love his compassion, his humor, and I see how he got a lot of those traits from his mother. It was a good show.

They discussed the suicide of Anderson’s brother in 1988 at the age of 23. (He fell from a 13 story balcony, his mother unable to stop him.) Anderson mentioned how difficult it is facing life’s tragedies, and asked his Mom to share how to survive loss. This is what she said:

“You breathe in and out; you breathe in and you breathe out, and you live one moment into the next moment, and then time goes by, and you find you’re able to put one foot in front of the other.” ~Gloria Vanderbilt, 2011.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Unconditional Love

"Unconditional love, not only for yourself, but for God, for every man, woman, and child who walks the earth, and for all who live in other dimensions is the mission of life. It is also the foundation of the universe. Love for each and every one of God's creations. That is the movement of the universe–the spiral of love, which enfolds, embraces, All that Is."

~Dr. James Martin Peebles, Spirit Guide, From Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom by Linda Pendleton

Saturday, September 10, 2011

In Memory

Angel Copyright Danny Hahlbohm

In Memory
We will always remember those who lost their lives
and those who so gallantly risked their lives to save others.
May peace and healing come to the families and friends of those lost,
and to the many rescue workers and others who were touched by this tragedy. – Linda

"America, America!
God shed his grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!"
Katherine Lee Bates (1859-1929)

"The land of the free and the home of the brave."
–Francis Scott Key (1779–1843)

"I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won.
There have been tyrants and murders, and for a time they seem invincible.
But in the end they always fall. Think of this. Always."
–Mohandas Gandhi (1869-1948)

"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear–not absence of fear."
–Mark Twain (1835–1910)

"This land is your land, this land is my land,
from California, to the New York Island
From the redwood forest, to the gulf stream waters
This land was made for you and me."
–Woody Guthrie (1912–1967)

"There is nothing we cannot live down, rise above, and overcome."
–Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1855–1919)

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear;
but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."
–Bible, 2 Timothy 1:7

"Okay, there's a group of us and we're going to do something...
If they're going to drive this plane into the ground we've got to do something."
–Thomas Burnett (1963–2001)
Passenger, Flight 93, Sept. 11, 2001

"We've decided, we're going to do it."
–Jeremy Glick (1970–2001)
Passenger, Flight 93, Sept. 11, 2001

"Are you guys ready? Let's roll!"
–Todd Beamer (1917–2001)
Passenger, Flight 93, Sept. 11, 2001

"Imagine there's no country, it isn't hard to do,
nothing to kill or die for, and no religion, too.
Imagine all the people living life in peace."
–John Lennon (1940–1980)

"Never in this world can hatred be stilled by hatred;
it will be stilled only by non-hatred–that is the law Eternal."
–Buddha (568-488 B.C.)

"If we let things terrify us, life will not be worth living."
–Seneca (c. 4 B.C.–65 A.D.)

"We should always be at war with injustice. Always."
–Maya Angelou (1928–)

"Only the just man enjoys peace of mind."
–Epicurus (371–270 B.C.)

"To correct the evils, great and small, which spring from want of sympathy
and from positive enmity among strangers, as nations and as individuals,
is one of the highest functions of civilization."
–Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)

"When written in Chinese, the word crisis is composed of two characters.
One represents danger and the other represents opportunity."
–John F. Kennedy (1917–1963)

"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting."
–Sun Tzu (c. early 4th Century B.C.)

"If you want to heal, give. When you need comfort and strength,
give to others. By helping other people, you can begin to heal."
–Dr. Phil McGraw

"Until you have become really in actual fact a brother of everyone,
brotherhood will not come to pass. Only by brotherhood will liberty be saved."
–Feodor Dostoevski (1821–1881)

"Life has its ups and downs. When you are down,
the angels are waiting to lift you up."
–Linda Pendleton

“We must be willing to get rid of the life we planned,
so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”
–Joseph Campbell, (1904-1987)

“I believe that peace becomes possible when we choose to make peace

an attitude and a habit. I believe that the reality of peace begins within each of us….”
~Mattie J. T. Stepanek, (1990-2004) Just Peace, A Message of Hope

Monday, September 5, 2011

Twenty-Four Years Later, To Dance With Angels

"This great book correlates with all that I have learned in my own longtime studies of life and death. It should be read by all who wonder about the magic of life. It is powerful, it is beautiful, and it rings with truth. I loved it!"—Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross, M.D.,Famed Thanatologist and Author of On Death and Dying

A new edition of our book, To Dance With Angels, is now in Kindle and in print. I have written an Introduction for this new edition. The book was first published in hardcover in 1990, then in tradepaper, paperback, and again in tradepaper. I regained my rights recently, and this is the new edition, twenty-four years after we first wrote the book.

Twenty-four Years LaterIt is often difficult for me to realize that it has been twenty-one years since To Dance With Angels was first published. Our book was written in 1987 and we celebrated the hardcover publication in August of 1990.

Over these nearly twenty-five years, some things have changed, some have not. Life is never static, although we often think of it in that way. Time moves on, and change takes place. The wise Dr. Peebles, who you will learn a lot about in our book, often told us from his home on the spirit side that change is inevitable and much of the pain we experience in life may be because we resist change instead of embracing it and allowing ourselves to flow with it. He also tells us that embracing change is what spiritual growth is all about.

I write this now with my husband, Don Pendleton no longer at my side in a physical sense, but still very much a part of my life. Don passed on to the other side in October, 1995. He now dances alongside Dr. Peebles, and I’m sure they often get together and kick up their heels in joy! My connection to Don has not been broken. I am even more convinced than ever that consciousness survives the shedding of the physical body.

Thomas Jacobson retired from his spiritual work with Dr. Peebles a few years ago, but two of his students, Summer Bacon and Athena Demetrios have each, for a number of years, carried on Dr. Peebles’ communication with us here on this side of the veil through their channeling and mediumship. We wrote about both Summer and Athena in our book.

James Martin Peebles was born in Vermont in 1822, and died in Los Angeles, days short of his one-hundredth birthday. While writing about Dr. Peebles’ spiritual psychology I became fascinated with his terrestrial life. He was a teacher, clergyman, physician, prolific author, world traveler and lecturer, a leader in the worldwide Spiritualist movement of the 19th century and was himself, a medium. Throughout his life he was surrounded by what he called his "band of angels," and often received communication, inspiration, and guidance from them.

He was active in anti-slavery, temperance, and women's suffrage movements; a member of the American Indian Peace Commission; a delegate to several international peace commissions; and was appointed by President Ulysses S. Grant to serve as Consul to Turkey in 1869.

In 2000, I published Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom, a follow-up to this book. The e-book edition of Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom was chosen as an EPPIE Nonfiction Finalist in 2002, awarded for excellence in electronic books. I enjoyed writing the book with Dr. Peebles and having the opportunity to delve more into his terrestrial life and the parallels between his long life on Earth and his life now on the other side.

The response we have received from readers of To Dance With Angels over the years has been very heartwarming. Apparently, for many, not only was the book inspirational, but also life-changing.

Enjoy the angelic wit, wisdom, and love of Dr. James Martin Peebles as the veil between worlds is parted within these pages. The book is structured around in-depth interviews with this grand spirit through the mediumship of Thomas Jacobson, hailed as “the clearest window to the other side.” These frequently startling, always entertaining and illuminating conversations touch upon every facet of human (and non-human) experience as Dr. Peebles freely and candidly regales the reader with his thoughts on birth and death; heaven and hell; past and future lives; ghosts and guardian angels; love and sexuality; cosmic realties...and that is only the beginning.

Our contact with Dr. Peebles through the mediumship of Thomas Jacobson was life-changing for both of us. As writers and researchers of many areas of the paranormal, our studies into near-death experiences (Don had two of his own), past life regression, spirit communication, miracles, angel encounters, was invaluable. Don and I both looked at life in a somewhat different way as a result. The magic and beauty that we both believed life held, was intensified by our new discoveries.

As we wrote more than two decades ago, “This was a book that had to be written as we could not keep this information to ourselves.”

I am pleased to be able to continue to share our book in this print edition, along with an e-book edition.

It is my hope that To Dance With Angels will be considered a classic in spiritual literature for generations to come.

Enjoy the dance!

Linda Pendleton,
August, 2011

Excerpt from To Dance With Angels, by Don and Linda Pendleton; 2011 Edition
© Copyright 2011 by Linda Pendleton,
All Rights Reserved.