Monday, September 7, 2015

20 Ways to Avoid Sedona's Red Rock Fever, Stay Away, But if You Insist! by Linda Pendleton

"Linda Pendleton skillfully combines wit with visual artistry through her description of magical Sedona. I think I just caught the Red Rock Fever bug!" ~Athena Demetrios, Author of The Seasoning of A Soul

Thanks to Athena Demetrios for this wonderful quote for my new book, a humorous travel guide of Sedona Arizona.  I began writing the book and drawing my Red Rock critters more than a decade ago, while living in Sedona.  Decided to finish it and publish, and was pleased to have this from Athena.  She understands my humor, as I do hers.  We laugh a lot during our conversations.  That's what friends are for.   

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