Saturday, April 5, 2014

Reincarnated: Past Lives TV Show

I love this new show and how the regressions seem to be backed up with genealogical research.  Those who are interested in both reincarnation and in genealogy may find this show as fascinating as I do.  Of course, I not only believe in past lives, I often have written about past lives in my nonfiction books, I also love genealogical research.  There has been fascinating research done on reincarnation, including the works of psychiatrists such as Dr. Brian Weiss, and the late Dr. Ian Stevenson. Certified Hypnotherapist Damian Bertrand is adding to the body of work on reincarnation with this new show.  As Damian told me, the show took a lot of work and time, and I can see that.  Research always takes time.   

The show is on Saturday nights.  Read more and see video Here