Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tinker Bell, the Flying Dog and Lorrie, the Pet Psychic

Photo of Tinker Bell by Mark Hicks, Detriot News

Tinker Bell, a six pound Chihuahua, came up missing from a Waterford Township, Michigan Flea Market and it wasn’t the fleas who took Tinker Bell away, but a 70 mile an hour wind picked her up.

Her owners, 72 year old Lavern and Dorothy Utley were devastated after the dog’s disappearance on Saturday and the search by volunteers combing the area were unable to find her.

But a third generation psychic/medium came to the rescue with the help of a Michigan radio station. On Monday, Detroit-area radio station WKQI (95.5-FM) became involved in the search and contacted pet psychic Lorrie, who had helped the station in the past. Lorrie was sure Tinker Bell was alive and well and wandering on higher ground in the woods. She told the Utleys to return to a wooded area nearly a mile away from the flea market and "look up."

Lavern said volunteers had previously searched a low-lying swamp at that location, but not the wooded hilly area behind it. As he was climbing those hills calling his dog, Tinker Bell came running.

"She went nuts trying to jump into my arms," Lavern said. "She was all muddy and dirty. She was worn out but she wasn't hurt."

Flint Journal newspaper article, Tuesday April 28, 2009 by Jill Blondin, and posted on Lorrie’s website:

Lorrie, a third-generation psychic who says she can communicate with animals and makes her living as a pet psychic, said it's hard to explain how she does her job. "Every case is different," she said. "I can hear, see, taste or feel things ... however the reading is going to come through. This one was visual. I hesitated to say this, because I didn't know what it meant. But I told them to keep looking up."

Lavern said they tried to give Lorrie a reward, but she asked that it be donated instead to an animal shelter. Lorrie said she has pets and understands they are members of the family.

Lorrie said she also has an ability to communicate with animals that have died. "I contact deceased animals to give people closure," she said. "Pets greet us when it's our turn. They're up there waiting."

Oprah caught wind of the “flying dog” and did an interview on her show this week. In that interview Lorrie admitted she does people, too.



Ricky Kendall said...

I thought it amazing that the press stated in a very matter of fact way that a pet psychic found Tinker Bell. They didn't give further details about the psychic and treated the method as an every day matter. I only got the story from one news source on TV but never heard anything else about it. Maybe psychic is becoming main stream. Great story with a very good ending.

Clairvoyant said...

The news have been all over this and I thought it's a really interesting topic to read through.

Ricky, I am with you about psychic becoming mainstream.

Linda Pendleton said...

Thanks for your comments, and yes, I agree with both you and Ricky, it is becoming more mainstream and at least this story was not laughed at by the news media.