Saturday, June 27, 2009

Beauty of Angels

“Listen for the flutter of an angel’s wing as it softly touches you with love. Embrace it and join in the dance.” ~Linda Pendleton

If you would like to know the name of one of your angels, take the time to ask. Find a quiet place, such as a garden or a special spot you like to be, and sit quietly. You may want to have note pad and pen with you to record any messages you receive. Ask for communication with your angel. And ask for the name. See if anything pops into your mind. If a message comes, write it down without questioning. Then read it back and see what you can make from it. Hopefully there will be some indication of a name, or a symbol indicating a name or word. If it does not come the first time, try this exercise often.
And remember, you may also hear a message, even a hello, from a deceased loved one. Usually messages from a loved one come very clearly in their own voice, even just when they call out your name.



Anonymous said...

Always did like Enya. :) I know the names of two of my malachim -- angels. I'm fairly sure there are more but they're not telling. Did you ever see the movie, City of Angels -- with Meg Ryan? Jews think of angels just like in that movie -- no wings. Angels (at least to me) look just like us.

Linda Pendleton said...

Sorry I didn't respond to this sooner. Yes, I loved the movie City of Angels but I also liked the original version with Peter Falk, the German movie, Wings of Desire.