Sunday, July 3, 2011

As Light as a Feather

My newest publication, in Print and Kindle. This is a collection of my articles and various World of Spirit blog posts over the last three years. I would say I decided to be selfish and publish them in these formats to have my own record of my writings. Hopefully, you will enjoy them, also.

Within this book, As Light as a Feather, Spiritual Tidbits to Ponder, Linda Pendleton shares a number of her nonfiction writings, most with a definite underlying theme of spirituality, and even what many may prefer to call new age or new thought. Actually there is nothing “new” about any of it. Linda has enjoyed blogging for several years and uses As Light as a Feather as another avenue to share inspiration and food for thought. She writes of near death experiences, spirit guides, mediumship, angels, reincarnation, UFOs, spirituality, meditation, grief, life after death, spirit communication, and other areas of metaphysics and the paranormal, in such a way as to lend credibility and normalcy to spiritual experiences.

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