Friday, October 11, 2013

The Joy of Spirit Communication

In discussing his terrestrial life with me in my book, Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom, Dr. Peebles said: 

“I, too, just as each of you, had many lessons to learn–and I too, had many lifetimes to learn those lessons.  And who knows, maybe one day I might jump back into the body and see what challenges await me.  For now, I am having too much fun and joy communicating with all the beautiful souls on earth who come across my teachings and guidance.  I delight in sharing with each of you.  It is a dance of love, a dance of joy.  Remember, I learn from all of you, as I hope you learn from me.  That is the core issue.  We teach one another.  So, Dr. Peebles is not perfect by any means.  It is a sojourn of love and enlightenment which we all embark upon, indeed.”  

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