Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Softly With Love: Communicating With Your Spirit Guides and Angels, new book

Softly With Love
Communicating With Your Spirit Guides and Angels

We are never alone. We are surrounded by the love and guidance of the Divine Source and spirit guides and angels. You may discover how easily one can cross the spiritual bridge between worlds and enrich life with love, guidance, healing, and wisdom. 

Intuition is a Divine gift, and may be enhanced by fine-tuning our innate psychic ability. It can serve as a guiding force in our daily life. Learning to acknowledge and trust the whispers that come to us from the spirit world, can be invigorating to our sense of self as a spiritual being.

The veil between worlds continues to become more transparent. Softly With Love explores what is considered by some to be paranormal, while others consider the experiences to be extraordinary and awe-inspiring, but within the norm of the human experience. Dialogue with loved ones through the veil – be that your guide, angel, or a deceased loved one, can be comforting. For many, the insight that love survives the shedding of the physical body brings peace. 

Linda Pendleton is the author of numerous books, including A Walk Through Grief: Crossing the Bridge Between Worlds; Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom; To Dance With Angels, and Whispers From the Soul: The Divine Dance of Consciousness, written with her husband, Don Pendleton. 

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