Friday, January 2, 2009

Spirit Communication, Life After Death and the Other Side

John Edward is a gifted psychic medium. I believe he has done so much for increasing the acceptance and understanding of spirit communication with those on the Other Side.

His books, One Last Time, Crossing Over, After Life, are excellent. For me, I first want to know how the psychic gift came about or was enhanced, and I am drawn to books which reveal that, such as John’s. The latest one I read was Lisa Williams’ book, Life Among the Dead. She’s an excellent medium, also.

One thing I have liked so much about John Edward is his humor. He is able to laugh at himself, laugh at the interpretation of the symbol he receives, and lighten up what can often be heavy with grief, sadness, and pain. He has said, “Information comes through to me in 3 basic ways seen, hearing, and feeling the energy of the person that's crossed over. In which it is a symbolic type of language.”

I believe his humor allows people to be more comfortable, instead of being uptight or nervous while knowing he talks with dead people.

Ho often mentions “psychic amnesia,” the inability to recall during a reading a person, a name, an event, that is very much a part of you. I had that happen, at least to a small degree, when I had an on-the-air telephone reading with psychic Cher Margolis (another good one) a few years ago when she appeared on the CNBC Show The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch. I was so nervous that my mind went blank for a moment over a name but I quickly recovered.

You would think I would not be nervous because I do, myself, communicate with spirit clairaudiently, mainly with Dr. James Martin Peebles, and my late husband, Don Pendleton, and a couple spirit guide/angels here and there. But when in the situation of a reading, with a medium bringing me the messages, I am still in awe when it happens.

No matter how the messages come to us from the Other Side, through mediumship, dreams, intuition, apparitions, however, it is comforting, reassuring, and confirms that consciousness and love live on. And I have come to believe that consciousness does go on after the shedding of the physical body. Without a doubt.

And obviously, I am far from alone in that belief.

Here is one example how others believe. John Edward has a survey on the website for his TV show, Cross Country, on the WE Network. (His show is on Saturday Nights).

98.6 % Believe in life after death. (over 40,150 respondents).

96.1% Believe in communication with those who have died. (over 13,000 respondents).

97.3 % Believe we reconnect with loved ones when we pass. (13,500).

69.6 % Have experienced communication with the Other Side. (12,800).

58.6 % Received communication through dreams while 21% received communication with apparitions. (9,900).

97.9 % Believe the soul lives on. (11,900).

92.9 % Plan on communicating with someone when you pass, but 76.5 % have not made a pact regarding the message or sign they will send. (11,655).

85.4 % Think a belief in afterlife makes the process of dying easier. (over 13,300 respondents).

Those are encouraging numbers.


John Edward on Mediumship...

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