Monday, April 25, 2011

Contacting ~ Communicating with Spirits

I believe many spiritual experiences could be labeled peak experiences or mystical experiences. And that includes contact with spirit, whether spontaneous or by choice. Any contact or communication with spirits can be awe-inspiring, confirming, healing, unifying. Realizing that one is not alone and that there is a connection to the Divine is empowering. Accepting that we are all spiritual beings, whether in the physical body as a spiritual being, or on the other side as a spiritual being; we are all one and the same.

When we begin to acknowledge that we are connected to one another, to the Divine, we have laid the groundwork to sharpen our higher spiritual sense. We are powerful transmitters and receivers. If we learn to think of communication with spirit as an exchange of energy, a radio signal, or an open telephone line, it becomes a normal event, and there is nothing paranormal about it. I personally like Joseph Campbell's explanation of a peak experience as the moments in our lives when we experience our "relationship to the harmony of being."

Have you ever had a mystical or peak experience?
Did it result in positive changes or new understandings?
Have you had a mystical experience that changed your life or your view of life?
Have you experienced a holistic connection during the end of life of a loved one? Or during grief?
What spiritual experiences have you had, either large or small that resulted in


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Chastity said...

Yes, I have experienced communication with spirits, especially when a family member has died or is close to death. I am researching the spiritual realm and what transpires after death.