Sunday, April 1, 2012

Centuries Ago...Visions

I’ve been reading Seers of the Ages by Dr. James Martin Peebles, published in 1869. Dr. Peebles wrote of many people who he considered to be seers—mediums. Some of the predications I had read previously, but a couple of the long ago predictions I have not read before. For the most part, I do not like predictions of any kind, but these were not about gloom and doom, or apocalyptic in any way. I found this that he wrote about Roger Bacon, (and also Cicero) rather interesting. Bacon lived from 1214-1294, and was an English philosopher, teacher, a Franciscan Friar, and also a psychic medium.

Excerpt from Seers of the Ages:

Roger Bacon, of the 12th century, a Franciscan Friar, the accredited inventor of the telescope, and a profound scholar, who much disturbed the church by his seership and science, under the controlling intelligences of the spirit-world, penetrated into the mysteries of life, and, piercing the cloudy sunrises of intervening ages, seized upon the occult forces that bowed as servants to his beck and adapted them by inventing to practical uses. A profound study of magic with the natural sciences, made him liberal and progressive. The clergy prohibited his lectures, and confined the circulation of his writings to the walls of the convent. Finally a council of San Franciscans condemned his books and sent him to prison. He was specially gifted with the power to discern future events, being highly mediumistic. Some of his remarkable prophecies, uttered six hundred years ago, relating to modern inventions were strikingly practical, as the following testifies :

"Bridges, unsupported by arches, will be made to span the foaming current. Man shall descend to the bottom of the ocean, safely breathing, and treading with firm step on the golden sands, never brightened by the light of day. Call but the sacred powers of Sol and Luna into action, and behold a single steersman sitting at the helm, guiding the vessel which divides the waves with greater rapidity than if she had been propelled by a crew of marines toiling at the oars; and the loaded chariot no longer encumbered by the panting steeds, shall dart on its course with resistless force and rapidity. Let the simple elements do the labor; bind the eternal forces and yoke them to the same plow."

“The excellent writer, Prof. Brittan, says that these prophecies of Bacon embrace the Suspension Bridge, the Diving Bell, Steam Navigation, the Railroad, and the Steam Plow, in the same chain of events, all of which are among the accomplished realities of-day."

Dr. Peebles also wrote this about Roman Philosopher, and statesman, Cicero, who lived from 106 BC – 43 BC.
Cicero gave this remarkable prediction: "Across the ocean, and after many ages, an extensive and rich country will be discovered, and in it will arise a hero, who, by his counsel and arms, shall deliver his country from the slavery by which she was oppressed. This he shall do, under favorable auspices; and oh! how much more admirable will he be than our Brutus and Camillus!"

Centuries ago.....visions of things to come.


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