Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Embracing Spiritualism-Seers of the Ages, Dr. James Martin Peebles- Kindle Book

I believe Dr. James Martin Peebles smiled at me when I uploaded his classic book on Spiritualism and Seers of the Ages to Amazon Kindle this weekend.

Dr. Peebles wrote this book in 1869...nearly 150 years ago! I had the book for a number of years but had not actually read all of the book until I decided to edit it and write a new Introduction. I had often read portions of it, quoted from it, and had found it to be fascinating and very informative—historically, philosophically, religiously. As I have often done, in reading any of the books that James Martin Peebles wrote, I see such a connection with the spiritual psychology that he shares with us today—over these last 25 years through the mediumship of those who have worked closely with him: Thomas Jacobson, Athena Demetrios, Summer Bacon, and even myself.

The book is exclusive at Kindle. I always want to remind readers that there is a free Kindle App that can be download to your computer, phones, and other devices. A lot of people do not realize that.

“Spirits are but men and women divested of their mortal bodies. They have taken with them consciousness, memory, reason, sympathy, character. They walk by our side often, and yet unseen...There is but one world, and that one world embraces the yesterdays, the todays, and the innumerable tomorrows of eternity.” –Dr. James M. Peebles, 1910


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