Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Beauty of Nature

Over the centuries inspirational writers have penned beautiful poetry and prose regarding nature. It seems that too often our perceptions of the wonder and beauty of nature are somewhat clouded by everyday life and we forget to relish what nature has given us.

Children seem to have an innate curiosity about the wonder and magic of nature, but it seems we move away from that childlike curiosity as we grow. When was the last time you bent down on your knee to examine a tender green sprout that had recently broken through the rich brown soil and wondered how long it would be before it would become a beautiful wildflower? Have you often longed to see the barren winter turn toward early spring and bring forth the deep yellow of daffodils and soft pinks of tree blossoms?

“A light broke in upon my soul—
It was the carol of a bird;
It ceased—and then it came again
The sweetest song ear ever heard.”
Lord Byron (1788-1824)



Anonymous said...

I love it when the California Quail run together as a group like that. How things change. I used to be so solitary and living and working in remote places, but now I crave the friendship of like minded people. Thanks for becoming my new friend Linda.

spookydragonfly said...

It does seem that the majority of people lose their childlike wonder and curiosity of natural beauty. I enjoy blogging in that I can connect with others that feel as I one that I personally deal with, appreciate nature in the way that I do. We are the fortunate ones, that still possess that ability!

Sydney said...

Oooh this looks good! I have been reading this today and will come back for more! Thanks for stopping by my blog Linda -- I like you have multiple blogs so I hope you'll check the others when you get the chance. I post on the animal blog just about every day... it is my favorite thing to do and I have so many pictures and videos and stories to tell there I could do it all day. It's good for a daily smile.

Sounds like you are one busy and prolific woman!

Linda Pendleton said...

Bernie, I love it when the numerous tiny baby quail run along with the bigger ones. They are so cute as they learn to move from bush to bush. I'm glad I discovered your blog as I am enjoying it very much--and enjoying our exchanges. I know what you mean about craving the friendship of like-minded people. Me, too. :-)

You asked about my books. Check them out via my website. I would probably suggest "To Dance With Angels," or "Whispers From the Soul," both written with my late husband, Don. We loved writing both. You might also enjoy my ebooks, "How Thin the Veil! 150 Years of Spiritualism"...and/or "A Loving Presence." But heck, I think you already know everything that is in them. LOL

Linda Pendleton said...

spookydragonfly...yes we are the fortunate ones who still see the sure to come back and visit.

Sydney, glad you're enjoying, and I look forward to your animal stories and photos. Sounds like you have a great job...