Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Creative Dance of Reincarnation

In Western cultures there appears to be much resistance to the idea of reincarnation. Many do believe that we are immortal, but to allow for that immortality to have a beginning in previous lives, before our birth into this life, is difficult for many to accept. The belief in reincarnation, most commonly associated with certain Eastern cultures and religions, is not only an ancient belief but has been widespread throughout the world. Modern scholars have discovered that the idea had wide favor throughout the early Americas, both North and South, in Europe, and persisted into the Christian Era. Scholars can point to many examples of early Christian and Jewish thought centered around the idea of re-birth. Apparently the early Christians, somehow threatened by the idea of rebirth or reincarnation for the common man, had most references to it removed from the Bible.

Many of our more-contemporary great thinkers, philosophers, noted writers and poets, educators, and scientists have acknowledged reincarnation as the most sensible paradigm for human immortality. And the shift of paradigm in the Western world appears to be gaining momentum as evidence to support the idea comes forward from various avenues of serious study. It is an idea that will benefit from more exploration.

For myself, it has been part of my belief system for as long as I can remember. It just seemed to be logical and reasonable and a part of spiritual reality. Proof? I personally don't need any more than I already have gathered in my experiences and research. To me it is a fact of life. In some ways, I am still that young girl of seven or eight that knew I had been here before, and in all probability, would be again. Many of my experiences throughout life have only confirmed the fact for me. Especially Don, (my late husband) with the incredible love bond we had; knowing, recognizing each other the moment our eyes met across a room; and always knowing each other in the deepest sense of the word throughout our years together. Soulmates, you bet.

So is reincarnation part of our creative dance? I think so. Dr. James Martin Peebles (1822-1922), a leading Spiritualist in the 19th Century, wrote about the knowing of another soul in his 1869 book, Seers of the Ages. He penned, "Souls require no introduction. The recognition is intuitional. Meeting a noble soul that knows our soul, we indulge the pleasing truth to us, that we knew the loved one in a pre-existent state, and delicious were those delicate experiences in the sweet realms of blessedness."

Pre-existent state? Might I ask, where and when and in what form? A soul is a soul, is it not?–whether wrapped in the garment of the current physical dimension, or the etheric finery of the other dimension, or the garment of a past life that is delicately hidden away in the recesses of the soul's mind only to come forward in new and subtle awareness from time to time throughout the eternal journey.

The creative dance of the spiritual self personifies a succession of endings and new beginnings which go on throughout our human life–and forevermore.

But we are always filled with wonder–What is life all about? Who are we? Why are we here? Does life truly go on? When a loved one passes from the body and continues on their own journey, it feels very much like they have left us behind. But have they? Are they really out of our reach? Those answers are found inside our hearts, in our experiences, in our faith, and in the understanding that we are spiritual beings, only encased in a physical body for a short period of time.

Dr. Peebles wrote in his 1880 book, Immortality, "The soul is ever a questioner. From its earliest recorded experiences it has interrogated itself and the surrounding universe for a solution of the mystery of its being and the momentous changes that necessarily await it."

The creative dance is a dance of change and new beginnings.



Anonymous said...

Well written article Linda and well said. Several years back I could suddenly see that I was actually occupying a body that did not belong to me. Suddenly, I have read two books in a row that say that these physical bodies are only hosts. And I believe it to be true. I was thinking yesterday that could be why I can go somewhere in my mind while driving. The body has been well trained to do it for me. It's like we are riding on horses. Well I guess I am talking about another belief system other than reincarnation here, but I guess the subject overlaps. Do you have an opinion on this? Or do you feel the physical body is more of a quantum illusion created by the collective mind or by God?

Linda S. Socha said...

What a lovely post that I relate to on so many levels. I have been exploring this concept since preschool years...and I accepted it many years ago.

First , my maiden name was Vaughan and we are of Welsh desent so the information about Henry Vaughan...which I had not encountered before...was special to me.
I love your blog and I appreciate you following Psyche Connections and maintaining the connection..

Linda Pendleton said...

Thank you, Bernie, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I suppose one could think of being out of body, that is our spirit, or soul, is out of the body temporarily. That happens when someone is a trance-channel, trance-medium, and sort of “steps aside” while the spirit energy comes in. For those perceptive enough, that energy can actually be seen. If we think of our bodies as our physical vehicle for our spirit, I imagine we can sort of split our consciousness and be in both worlds at the same time, such as in dreaming, in trance, or driving down a long highway or maybe even in a semi-coma. We probably have all experienced driving and suddenly wonder how we got five miles on down the road without realizing it.

I’ve always liked Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’ idea about our physical body and how it is shed like the butterfly shedding its cocoon. That seems to be the way I think of our physical self: a vehicle, a cocoon, a shell, that our soul or spirit occupies until it is time to move on. And during that occupation our consciousness is free to travel beyond the physical into another dimension, for seconds, moments, in meditation, and especially in dream states. That is our connection to our higher self, to God or the Supreme Source, to the angels, to our spirit guides, and to our loved ones on the Other Side.

Linda Pendleton said...

Thanks. I find it fascinating that many of us seemed to have that "knowing" at such young ages. That sort of validates a Truth. I'm happy you are enjoying my Blog, and please visit often--and I will continue to follow yours. :-)

Naturegirl said...

Linda: My first time here and I am moved by this post. I do believe that:"Those answers are found inside our hearts," I recently held mothers hand as she took her final breath(in Jan.) and I am waiting for the answer of her reincarnation. The creative dance comforts me.A pleasure to stop by today. I suppose it was meant to be.

Linda Pendleton said...

There are no coincidences. I am so sorry for your loss. I nearly lost my mother (90) two weeks ago but she has recovered and seems to be doing OK now.

It is difficult, I know, but I’m sure you know she is still with you…Please come back and visit again….

Q said...

Dear Linda,
I am so happy I have found your blog. I too have always known I have lived before. I love "the creative dance" phrase. It is what we do. I have met many, many people this time around that I have know before. We connect and both know that once we were friends
or relatives or lovers.
I have just met a group of ladies that are open and loving. They treat me as if I have always been part of their group. It is amazing.
I am aware of my spirit self as well as my physical self and my emotional self. I am a three legged stool that likes to be in balance!Looking forward to reading this journal of yours and checking out your other writings.
Kubler-Ross taught me so much about grief. I think of her when ever I go through the process, knowing it is all part of loving.
Thank you for writing this post.
Always good to be with like minded spirits!